You Attract What You Are And Not What You Want

I remember when I first met my husband. He was sweet, generous,  kind, loving AND…


It bothered me. It was who I used to be, who I denied, who I blamed for the demise of my health, for my misery.

I was that girl that loved fancy cars, designer clothes, who ate at the best restaurants, stayed at the best hotels, drove status cars and, so into her outer appearance. I was materialistic, egotistical.

When I became ill, I turned to spirituality and, so grateful I did.

However, as I was becoming more spiritual, I became more judgmental about the material, physical world.

I thought I was above it and didn’t need money, didn’t need all these luxurious goods to be happy, to be better, to be connected to Spirit.

As a matter of fact, I BELIEVED all these material things held me back from being a happy, connected, spiritual, evolved person.

So I rejected it all. But then….

Guess what happened?

By husband came into my life in his 911 Porsche, his custom made suites and, his desire for the high-end restaurants, hotels and vacations.

Everything I had worked hard to get rid of, was right back in front of my face.

I would have arguments with him telling him why he needed to be so materialistic and need to have money.

It then hit me….

I was projecting. I was rejecting him because I was rejecting me.

You see, my husband was just reflecting who I was at my core. Who I’ve always been. I then realized that having all these things, these desires, these material goods and luxury experiences are not bad, are not what made me sick or unhappy.

I now know that I could be a spiritual being, connected to Spirit/God and have all that I desire ’cause this is what God/Spirit/The Universe truly wants for us.

My husband is not attached to these things, meaning he doesn’t feel like he is better than others for having them nor does he feel it makes him more worthy. I was the one who used to rely on these things to make me feel better, more accepted, more worthy.

I now have realized that I love me for who I am, ALL of who I am and don’t need to reject or judge what I am or what I desire.  I now accept all of these things into my life and enjoy them ’cause it’s who I am.

When we are judging others, criticizing others and pointing our fingers (especially those we are in an intimate relationship with) then we need to take a hard core look at ourselves and see what they are reflecting to us, what’s inside of us. This is who we really are. This is who we deny.

Accept all of who you and liberate yourself. You will find your freedom, success and happiness once you do.

You’ll allow yourself to see your gifts and purpose the moment you begin to accept and love all of who you are.

Remember, you attract who you are not what you want.

Always remember, to be you, be real and be bold.



PS: What is your significant other or anyone you judge reflecting back to you? What piece of yourself are you possibly denying or rejecting? Share your revelation in the comments below.

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