You ALREADY Have What It Takes To Make Your Dreams Come True

There are moments when you will doubt your dreams, your desires, your ideas. Those juicy amazing thoughts of what you’d really like to be doing with your life.

Sometimes these ideas are fleeting, but they still come and visit you.

It’s the stuff you think about that lights you up.

It’s the stuff you see others doing and you say to yourself, “Wow, that’s cool. That would be awesome if I could do that too.

It’s the stuff that makes you have a Kool-Aid smile even if it’s just for a second.

Yeah, that… that’s what I’m talking about and I know you’ve had these moments too.

Well, guess what these moments really are?

They are your soul recognizing its gifts. It’s talents. It’s potential. Recognizing what you were born to do in this lifetime.

Now listen here…

Listen to this undeniable truth I’m about to tell you…

This desire, this dream is not really yours. It did not come from you, it came THROUGH you.

It came from God, Spirit, The Universe.

This desire that came to you came for a higher source.


It knows you ALREADY have what it takes to make it so. To make it happen. To bring it into reality.

It chose you to be the vessel of this creative endeavor, of this dream, of this gift to share with the world.

It sees your gift, your potential, it wants to work with you, through you.

Don’t you see, you are the vessel in which Spirit works through to bring to the world all these amazing wonders, ideas, experiences, creations.

It’s not really yours, but this greater power that is here to help you achieve it. Therefore you cannot doubt that you will not make it happen.

You have the support of the universe to help you achieve this dream, this creative endeavor, this amazing idea that won’t leave you alone.

Believe me…it’s real


It wants you to deliver.

It will help you if you would just allow it.

If you would just believe in it.

If you would just honor it.

If you would just stop ignoring it, doubting it and instead, start trusting it.

It will show you the way, step by step

You don’t need to know every single step all at once. That is not you who wants to know but your ego.

Let your soul guide you, let your heart encourage you.

Let Spirit, let God express himself through you.

Therefore, every idea that comes from your heart is a gift to you and the world.

It is REAL and it needs to be fulfilled.

Stop doubting, let yourself be the vessel to express this desire.

Allow it once and for all.

Allow it now, today. Stop waiting

The moment you decide to allow it, is the moment you start living the life you were born to live.

Be the vessel

Always remember: be you, be real, be bold.













































































































































































































































































































































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