Why You Should Express Your Anger

I had a blow up the other day. In the past I would have judged myself for getting angry and going off the handle.

I would get upset, speak my truth then feel guilty about it. I felt I was constantly being judged.

So, hear me out…it’s your obligation to always express who you are and whatever it is you are feeling. If you don’t, then you will build up pressure like a dam and could just crack (or go postal) and all hell breaks loose.

As a matter of fact, you have to release what you feel, it’s super healthy. For years, I never allowed myself to feel anything or if I was upset, I would hold on to it, especially if it had to do with family. But eventually, I became sick from not processing my emotions in a healthy way. Stuffing them down, created a physical illness.

A friend of mine said someone told him to not allow anyone to piss him off. This individual wanted my friend to not be upset. I get it but, you know what I say, get pissed off. It’s okay to have a moment like that. I call those moments a human experience.

We all have those emotions and feelings within us. We can be happy, sad, loving, grateful, angry, resentful, jealous, envious, appreciative, joyful, etc. You get it.

We all have these amazing emotions within us and we should be allowed to express them. So next time, please do yourself a favor and let it out. Don’t judge yourself for being real and being human.

Allow yourself to get cray, cray sometimes.

Have your moment, let it out, spend no more than the time needed to process and release, then move on with your day. I wouldn’t sulk in it, ’cause that’s unhealthy too.

It’s interesting how society wants and validates happiness but not anger. All the happy, positive emotions are okay, but god forbid we act human and have our shit days, too.

Total crap if you ask me.

You have permission to be you and to get cray, cray.

Anyway, always remember to be you, to be real and to be bold.




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