Why You Have Drama In Your Life

When I was in my twenties…I lived a dramatic life.

I was pretty much DRAMA. You could even say I was telenovela (name for a Spanish soap opera).

My ex boyfriend and I would have massive fights, I’m talkin,’ ‘jumping on the hood of the car and driving down the road with one of us on top of the hood trying to hang on for dear life’, kind of fights.

It was stupid. It was drama.

I believe I created all this drama because I was focused on all that I was not, instead of all that I WAS and COULD BE.  I was focused on all of my insecurities.  I came from the land of ‘not enough’.  My mind was sick and unhealthy. I believed I was…

Not pretty enough

Not smart enough

Not well rounded enough

Not athletic enough

Not wealthy enough

Just not good ENOUGH

I felt insecure around those who had more than me. I used to be super jealous (can still be, but not super duper like I was. I like to believe I have a healthy dose of it now) of any pretty girl or any girl I felt was better than me or had more to offer, especially around my ex boyfriend. I lived with a belief that not being enough would bring upon rejection and abandonment.

So let me tell you what was going on with me back then…

I believed in all the lies from my ego of not being enough

I was separated from whom I really was. I was separated from my truth.

The truth being…

I am LOVE, I am ENOUGH, I am POWERFUL  and I was born with a PURPOSE.

This is the truth and the only truth. NOTHING ELSE

I am a woman with a soul who was born on purpose and with purpose. I am a woman born with many gifts and talents.  A woman who is powerful and capable of being anything she wishes to be.

A woman here to create an extraordinary life for herself with the power of her mind and with the knowingness that she is ENOUGH.

This woman is also, YOU.

When we believe the stories that we are not enough, we create drama.

When we are too focused on trying to get love and worthiness from outside of ourselves, we create drama

When we dim our light by not seeing how magnificent we are and by comparing ourselves to others, we create drama

When we fear someone will abandon us or reject us due to not being enough, we create drama.

When we don’t own our gifts/talents and USE them, SHARE them with the world, we create drama.

When we ignore the call of our soul to use our gifts and create an amazing life for ourselves, we create drama.

When we know deep inside we are not doing what our hearts yearn for and what would light us up, we create drama

When we focus on what we don’t have and all that we are not, we create drama

The truth is, we focus on crap that does not serve us, that does not build us up to be who we came here to be and, if we were truly owning our gifts/talents/purpose and showing up as the powerful beings we really are…then we would not have time to create drama.

We become drama as a default when we don’t have more importnat things to be thinking about, focusing on and creating, such as a LIFE WITH OUR GIFTS AND OWNING OUR TRUE POWER

For some of us, we subconsciously create the drama ’cause it distracts us. It keeps us from truly stepping into our greatness, stepping into our light, stepping into our power.

Some of us are scared of it and so we create resistance and that resistance my friend is….DRAMA.

Stop thinking you have nothing to offer the world because you DO.

That belief is a lie. You’ve listened to this too long and have now created DRAMA.

It’s time to let it all go. It’s time to start focusing on what your soul truly came here to do.

It’s time use your beliefs, your energy and your mind to create the life that you were born for.

This is your time to choose right. To choose powerfully

To stop focusing on what does not serve you and start stepping into what you came here to do. To start creating the life that awaits you, the life that your heart yearns for, the life your soul is calling you into.

When you own who you really are, a powerful and blessed being with a gift to share with the world and start to move in that direction then, all your insecurities and beliefs of not being enough, fall to the side as well as the DRAMA.

It can happen now. It doesn’t have to take a lifetime but NOW. If you believe it will take a lifetime then that’s another belief we need to dismantle.

The life you were meant to live is here now. Waiting for you to choose it and take it.

You are a creator. Don’t forget that. With every thought you have, with every choice you make, you CREATE.

Let go of the drama and own what’s really beneath it all. Take ownership, be accountable, be responsible.

Be You, Be Real and Be Bold.

The life you were born to live is waiting on you.

Choose it.




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