Why We Wake Up Feeling Blue

For years, I would wakeup feeling blue, bored, unmotivated to get out of bed.

I mean, I had a job, yes, but I wasn’t feeling it. It wasn’t like I hated it but it didn’t lift me up. It’s not like I was excited and pumped to get my day started.

Has this happened to you or is happening now?

I felt like there was something more for me.   I didn’t know what I wanted to do but I knew the woman I wanted to be..

Self-reliant, independent, successful, confident, going places, making s*hit happen, feeling empowered, creating impact with my gifts and talents, traveling the world, rising out of bed with ambition, feeling excited for what I could create for the day.

But, I was so far away from that dream, that feeling, that longing.

I wondered how I could change the life I was living, how do I become that woman?

I can honestly say, I’ve got it now. Really….I’m no longer wishing for something or someone to come save me ’cause I have learned one of the most profound, universal truths….

You and me, have the power to create.

Have the seed of possibility within us now

Have the ability to have and do and be whatever our hearts desires

Have the ability to have and do and be whenever we DECIDE to have, do and be

This power, this ability, has always been with us. Has been waiting on us to just look deep within our beliefs, to just connect with our souls, to just open our hearts, to just believe that we could

The reason why we are not excited about life is ’cause we are not in alignment.

It’s like having back pain…

If you’ve ever had back pain, it’s usually cause your back is out of alignment. You’ve been using it wrong. You’re off balance, you’re off centered, you can’t do the things you want to do cause of the pain in your back.

It’s the same here….when you are not in alignment with your soul, with your gifts/talents, with who you were born to be…you’ll feel out of balance, off centered, pain.

That pain comes from your soul, when your soul is not fulfilling its duties here one earth. When you’ve stunted yourself due to not believing in yourself, due to being afraid to get yourself out there and be the person you came here to be, due to choosing comfort and safety over growth, creation, due to staying small.

When you are not sharing your gifts, when you are not growing and creating, you are dying.

Your spirit starts to wither away and, THAT IS THE PAIN YOU ARE FEELING.

That’s the boredom, the blues, the unmotivated feeling you’re waking up with. You’ve lost your direction, you’ve gotten lost along the path and, now your soul is trying to get your attention to come back home.

To grow your roots.

You see, we are part of nature. And, if you notice, nature is always growing.

Look at an apple tree, it starts as a seed full of potential, then it starts to grow, to thrive, it then becomes aligned and, most alive when it creates fruit.

It bears fruits to share with the world. That is its purpose, that is its gift.

You too have gifts and it’s your obligation to find it and share it with the world.

When you do you’ll feel alive, you will feel like jumping out of bed, you’ll tap into the creative energy that motivates you out of your funk into a life of excitement and possibility.

You deserve this, You owe it to yourself to live the life you were born to live.

I know you long for more, I know you wish for more, I know you want to give more, I know you want to do more, I know you want to LIVE more.

Breathe in the possibility, breathe in the belief that you have an amazing life waiting for you.

Go home, to your soul and become one. Let your soul, let your heart guide you.

Don’t complicate it. It doesn’t have to be hard. Just one step at time. A decision is all it takes to make it happen.

Believe you are here for a reason, with a gift, to create, to bear fruits, to live an extraordinary life.

Remember: Be You, Be Real, Be Bold.

love you lots.



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