Why We Repeat The Same Pain Over and Over again…

The heart…it hurts sometimes, doesnt it? You could honestly, truly feel the pain. The whole body shuts down, your mind is confused, wondering how you got here.

How did you end up here, over and over again, feeling the same pain? Why this life of sadness and regret?

I understand.

It’s so painful, you feel like crawling into bed and staying there for hours, days, weeks maybe years. Sometimes you just want to run away from the ones you love, and even the ones who you THINK don’t love you or care for you.

It’s in these dark moments one can’t understand why one was put onto this earth. Why does one exist, Why so much sadness, so much hurt?

I understand.

This is what I want you to know from my heart to yours.

You are LOVE. You were born on purpose with purpose.

You can rise above your circumstances.

You can change the life you’re experiencing now. You can make the sadness go away, the pain go away, the feeling that life will never get better for you go away.

Yes, you can.

I remember the days, I had so many intense ups and downs, wondering why I was in so much emotional pain (turned physical too)? Why I could not get my life together? Why was I was repeating the same mistakes over and over again? When was it all going to end? Why me? Why this life?

The kind of pain that tear us into pieces. The ones that break us down. The ones that cause such disturbances in our bodies, our souls and, we don’t know which way to turn. The ones we wish we could run away from

But there is a place to turn. There is a place that can take it all away, There is a place one can go to where it all gets better .

Let me share it with you

That place, my love, is in your heart. Go deep within your core and connect with the truth of who you really are….LOVE.

A spirit with a soul here to achieve great things in this lifetime. Here to master life.

Here to sprout the seed of potential. Here to receive the greatest love which is YOUR OWN LOVE.

Here to be the powerful creator you really are.

My dear, know it is you who chose to come to earth to learn valuable lessons so you could be your greatest, so you could share your amazing gifts, so you could live your extraordinary life.

You just need to release all the BS lies of not being enough, of not getting life right, of not getting it together, of feeling that everything you do is a failure, of feeling that your are not worthy of all the amazing things life has to offer, of not being worthy of love, YOUR LOVE.

Understand this truth. Since you chose to come here, there will be lessons you need to learn, negative, destructive beliefs you need to dismantle to be able to live a life of bliss.

You can change it now.

I promise that. I’ve been there and am glad I went there.

It made me stronger, bolder and connected me to the truth of who I am and what I’m capable of.

It has allowed me to be the woman I’ve always wanted to be.

It has healed the life of lies I was living, the destructive beliefs I was holding on to.

When we feel these moments of intensity, of pain, know this…our souls are trying to get our attention and, the more we ignore, then more we repeat and feel the pain all over again.

Open your eyes, everything happens for you not to you.

This moments will pass and make you stronger, wiser and connect you to your truth, allow you to come home to your roots to who you really are.

It’s time to rise, it’s time to change…don’t resist it, let it run though you and see it as a blessing in disguise

Remember: be you, be real, be bold.




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