Why We Feel Anxious?

I woke up at 2am with a feeling of unease. Didn’t understand why? But this feeling was so uncomfortable. The energy felt like anxiety.

I went back to sleep, but then at 4am, the same feeling reappeared in my body.

It’s at the moment, I asked Spirit, “Why am I feeling this anxiety?”

The answer came, loud and clear-“TRUST”

I knew without a doubt, this was it. I wasn’t trusting the process. Even though I talk about this all the time, the whole ‘you’ve got to believe, have faith, have trust thang’ I too, can fall into that trap of not believing, of not trusting that all the work I’m doing, all the time I’m putting in, will pay off.

Your body will tell you exactly where you are in terms of your ability to attract that which you want. You are energy, and not matter how hard you work, no matter how much time you put into your craft, your dream, your desire, if you are not a vibrational match, if your energy is not aligned, not vibin’ high, not feeling good…then it will be a struggle. It will take longer and trump your efforts.

It will also be a struggle in terms of you not feeling safe, secured, happy, joy, open. Which is a crappy way to feel and go about your day and life.

When you trust the process, when you know without doubt that you’ll make it, you’ll feel high, you’ll feel safe, you’ll be able to do your work with ease. You’ll also be able to create more at a higher level because you are in flow.

It’s all about being in the state of flow but let’s be honest here….the struggle is real.

I get it. We will have moments when we trust, when we believe, when we feel confident but, then there will also be those other moments when we just want to cry, hide under the covers, run off to another country, go shopping, eat ice-cream, watch a movie for distraction to receive yourself from that uncomfortable feeing that comes from not trusting.

It’s okay. It will happen.

The key is to be aware and, once you are, you get your second chance. Your chance to change the energy and be in flow with who we really are. Trust, Love, Faith.

This is what I do (my practice) to switch out of that funky place. I immediately take a deep breath, actually a bunch of deep large deep breaths.

I then begin to tell myself that I’m going to be okay, that I’m on the right path and that I will achieve. I will make it. And, most importantly, my favorite mantra, “I use my mind as a gift and not a weapon. I choose love not fear”

Then I begin to ONLY see in my mind’s eye all that I desire. I relish in it. That is all I will allow my mind to do. I will not allow it to whatif anymore. You know those whatifs we constantly bombard our minds with? The negative crappy scenarios of what could happen?

We create the worst scenario’s in our minds and then believe them. And that’s how we get into this hot mess, this funk, this anxiety feeling at 2 am in the morning.

It’s just fear which is BS. It’s not real.


I used to fear that I was not going to be married, have a family, find my gifts and create a career doing something I enjoyed and be aligned with my soul.

Even now, with my practice, knowing that only love is real, I can still fall into that fear trap. The whatif I don’t…..(you fill in the blank) trap.

But the truth is…

Spirit wants you to make it, to succeed, to have all that you see in your dreams and it wants to help you achieve it. But you have to believe, trust and keep going even though you don’t see the fruits of your labor just yet. It’s coming, it’s around the corner, baby.

The power of your faith, of love, of trust, of belief is ultimately what brings you closer to your dream. What brings your dream into your reality.

You are worthy of it, you deserve it. It belongs to you.

Lets drop the doubt, lets drop the whatifs, lets drop the anxiety, worry, fear.

Lets use our mind as a gift and not a weapon.

Use the mantra, pray, stay open, be in flow, breathe and only see the dream in your mind’s eye and nothing else.

And always remember: to be you, to be real and to be bold.



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