Who Were You Born To Be?


I’ve always asked people…if Spirit, God, the Universe came to you one night and asked you “What do you want out of life? Who do you want to be if you could have the life you want without fail? Whatever it is you say you would wish to be, then I promise, it shall be and, with lots of success and no failure.”

I’ve asked this question to most and guess what they’ve told me?

“I don’t know.”

I can’t believe we don’t know what we want out of life. I mean, if the universe was really giving us the life we want and allowing us to truly be who we want to be, then why in the hell do we not have a clue?

Don’t you see what I’m trying to say here?

How can we possibly have something better if we don’t even know what we want?

I get it though…. ’cause I used to live that way too.

I always knew there was more.

I had a knowingness that I could…

BE more

DO more

HAVE more


I just didn’t know how or what.

I didn’t now I had a soul, I didn’t know I had a calling. I didn’t know I had a purpose.

All I knew was that I was born for more.

I would lie in my bed wondering how I could change what did not serve me, what made me unhappy. I lived alone in my apartment with my dog, Max, wanting a family, a good man in my life, a child, my own family.

I wanted to know how I could get that feeling that everything I wanted could happen. I wanted to know who I was. I wanted to know who I was born to be.  I wanted that feeling that “I had it going on”.

Do you get me?

That feeling of “I got this thing called life and actually happy living the life my heart yearns for”.  That feeling that everything is finally as it should be and I now know who I am and know what I was born to do without a doubt.

I wanted to feel safe, I wanted to feel powerful.

But in those lonely moments in my apartment…I felt powerless. I felt scared. Scared I would never be the women I so longed to be. A woman who walked the earth with her head up high, shoulders back, claiming the confidence that emanates from her soul. Where was this woman I longed to be? How can I grow up to be that? A woman who makes her dreams come true?

I wanted to know….

And, now I do.

I never gave up. I never gave up searching for who I was and who I was born to be. I knew there was a better way, just didn’t know when I would find out.

But I’m glad I never quit.

I’m glad I did THE WORK.

I’m glad I dug deep into my mind and soul. I bled the emotions that hindered me and led me away from my soul. I debunked all the lies my ego fed me. And I found the power of Spirit in my soul. I found that I was born to be a creator. I was born with the gift of my mind and with this powerful gift, I could think and feel my way into the life I dreamed of.

I craved to feel powerful, confident, love and self reliant. I craved to know the ‘real’ me.

And, once I dug deep

once I let go of the faulty beliefs

once I let go of the idea of perfection

once I let go of who I thought I had to be and allowed myself to be the ‘Real’ me.

I was finally free.  I found the person I was born to be.

I was there the whole time. I was just shrouded and veiled in lies, defeat and disbelief in me.

I was born to be a leader

I was born to be a teacher

I was born to be the inspiration

I was born to be the healer

I was born to lead you to believe in YOU and your power. And I was born to show you how to use your mind as a gift and not a weapon.

So, here is the most important question you’ll ever ask yourself.

Who were you born to be?

Tell me luv…..Who were you born to be?

Your soul is waiting.

Remember to be YOU, to be REAL and to be BOLD.

Luv you lots,



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