Where’s Your Grit?

It’s easy to feel grateful, to be happy when the sun is out, when you get your way, when things come easy, when you see results, when all the pieces of the puzzle connect, when you and your significant other are getting along, when you’re in love. Then we are feeling good and loving life.

But what about the days when it rains

when your relationship is being challenged and your significant other seems to not be doing you right

when your job sucks

when your heart has been broken

when you lose your job

when you’re suffering an illness

when you get into with others

when the money ain’t flowing

when you don’t get what you want

when you don’t see the results of all the hard work you’ve done….then what?

Then you hate life, then you’re not grateful, then you want to quit?

What if I told you that these are the moments in which you should be grateful, when you should not want to quit on life, when you should see these moments as the universe testing to see if you really want the things you desire, molding you for something greater.

It’s in these moments when you truly see who you are, when you see your capability to rise above your challenges, your circumstances.

It’s in these moments when you need to see that life is happening for you and not to you.

It’s in these moments you will grow, you’ll learn, you’ll come through even stronger and KNOW without a doubt what you are made of.

It’s in these moments you show the world who you are and what you’ve got to give

It’s in these moments when you see your blessing in disguise and know that the universe is just prepping you for the real work you came here to do

In order to fill in that big role, to fill in those big shoes.

Your role needs you to be strong in the mind, open in the heart and strong in the soul

You have a big role to fill in this lifetime and you’re being prepped for much bigger potholes, challenges and obstacles ’cause you can handle it.

And, every single time you show that you can move through, with grace, dignity, strength, courage and boldness AND, show the world you are not a quitter…but a doer…YOU WIN, YOU CONQUER this thing called life.

You can rise above your circumstance.  Look at the challenges with a different perspective.

Look at it as a golden opportunity to show yourself and the world what you are truly made of and how nothing can bring you down, but only make you stronger, wiser and more successful.

You were born to rise above your circumstances, you were born to shine, you were born to succeed.

You were born to be on top of that hill looking down at all that you’ve accomplished, admiring all the hard work you’ve done and being proud that you never quit, never gave up, picked yourself up one more time and gave it all you got.

You’ll be proud of the amazing person you are and admire your own character.

Cause that’s who you really are, a fighter, a doer, a winner, one who never backs down, never throws in the towel.

You’re here to learn lessons, to grow, to succeed and to live an extraordinary life.

You signed up for this. You wanted the challenge, You wanted to grow.

You also want to win and will.

Show the world you’ve got GRIT, and that you’ve got this thing called LIFE.

And always rememberer to: be you, be real and be bold.

Make it happen.



PS. What’s the challenge you are facing that has you wanting to quit? Where does the universe need you to ‘step it up’ and show it you got GRIT?

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