Where Does True Confidence Come From?

An old friend of mine was surprised when I told here how years ago, I struggled with major insecurity and low self worth. The look on her face was one of shock. Her eyes widened and mouth opened. She didn’t believe me.

Her response was “But you seemed so confident, so secure with yourself. I used to say to myself that I wish I could be more like Mabel”

I hid my deepest beliefs, my deepest wounds, my deepest fears. I hid them so well, I even hid them from myself.

But time and time again, I would expose them by the way I behaved. I would display jealousy, be dramatic and manipulative.

I hid behind the facade of perfection, of glamour, designer clothes and an upbeat personality.

I relied heavily on my exterior. It’s all I felt I ever had to offer the world. But you see, this was a lie.

I was much more than my looks, my clothes, my fake personality. I see so many woman rely so much on their exterior, taking these really sexy pics on Instagram and all sorts of social media. Don’t get me wrong, ¬†taking pics like that is not the issue, it’s an issue when that’s your main thang, you’re only thang.

You are much more than that.

I knew this amazing girl who has a heart of gold and a brilliant mind, however, she feels as though that’s not what the opposite sex wants or what anybody really wants from her. She believes, she NEEDS the perfect breast, perfect hair, perfect lash extensions, perfect body and makeup to be accepted,beautiful and worthy of love.


ALL her pics are of her puckering her lips and showing off her cleavage. I so want her to know she is much more than that. There is a certain energy that comes across the pictures and energy don’t lie. You could feel it.

When the universe took away what I had solely relied on to make me feel “good enough” (my looks) I had no choice but to look within. I had gained 30 lbs; had a bloated stomach; began to lose my hair and much more. I no longer felt sexy, pretty or attractive.

It crushed me.

But you see, this was a good thing ’cause it was my second chance.

My chance to ask “Who am I’?

Who am I deep inside? Why was I born? What was I born to do in this lifetime?

I was ready to look deep within my core to discover what I had to offer the world.

I discovered the real Mabel and my true, powerful confidence that stays no matter what I’m wearing and no matter how I look on the outside.

Honestly, that exterior stuff don’t last. You’ve got to go much deeper. It’s time to step into your power, your gifts, your light.

It’s time to love the woman you are now. The one who looks in the mirror with no makeup, no puckered lips and is able to see the beauty of her soul looking back at her.

The woman who gives herself unconditional love and loves every single piece of herself.

When you own who you are deep inside, you will radiate this magnetic energy like no other. You will turn heads. This is true confidence, this is true beauty, this is true sexiness. Not puckered lips and cleavage.

It’s time to truly discover what you are truly made out of and what you have to offer the world. And, it starts the moment you accept who you are.

Always remember to be you, to be real and to be bold.




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