Where does “I’m not good enough” come from and how to stop believing it

In the past, I struggled with major feelings of unworthiness, of not being good enough. During this rough time of my life, I had no idea where the notion of “not good enough” came from. The good news is, I learned a big part of where it did come from once I took a self-development workshop.

The instructor was very passionate about getting us to see our potential by healing our thinking. At one point during her lecture, I raised my hand to challenge her about my feelings of “not being good enough.” I told her it’s hard to do anything if you’re not good enough. She asked me to get up on the stage. Once I did she asked, “What’s the reason why you haven’t gone after what you really wanted in life?” My response:

“I feel as though I’m not good enough.”

The next statement: “Show me where ‘I’m not good enough’ is.” “Huh?”… I was stumped. She repeated, “Show me where ‘I’m not good enough’ is…where is it… is it in your body, are you holding it in your hand, is it in your pockets?” I sheepishly replied, “No, it’s…it’s in my head.” She replied, “Well if I were to crack your head open, will I find ‘I’m not good enough’ in your head? Could I physically grab it out of your head?”

By now I’m thinking this lady is nuts. I kept repeating that it’s in me and that I couldn’t show it to her, but that I knew it was there. I kept wanting to hold on and defend my theory that I was “not good enough” with such determination.

The room was filled with silence while every single person (just a couple of hundred people, no big deal) waited for my response. I wanted to be like American Airlines and get away. I fell into a protective trance until she snapped her fingers to bring me back to earth and asked again, “Show me where ‘I’m not good enough’ is.”

In that moment the words “I can’t because it’s not real” came out of my mouth.

I got it!!! She began clapping her hands, as did the rest of the class. This was one of those life-changing epiphanies. You see, “I’m not good enough” existed only in language. Meaning, I could not prove it or show it in a tangible way because it only existed in my words, in my language. It’s only real if I say so, other than that, it does not exist. This is why we have to stop repeating what we don’t want to create.

What’s so fascinating about this story is what I learned about the power of our words. In this “Where does, ‘I’m not good enough’ come from and how to stop believing it” #MabelOnTheReelEpisode, I share where most of us developed the feeling of inadequacy and how to turn it around. I also show you how to find and change those hidden beliefs of yours that truly hold you back in life.


The most direct way to change your life is to change your beliefs Click To Tweet

However, most of us aren’t aware of the beliefs that are creating our reality, the one we don’t like. Knowing how to discover your hidden beliefs is life changing. Only through awareness can we change anything. Awareness is power

Now it’s your turn to share. Tell me if you have ever felt as if you were not enough and, has this held you back from truly going after what you desired in life?

Thank you for sharing the journey and remember to keep the dream alive.


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