When You Just Ain’t Feeling That Gratitude Shiz


I want to share with you about this whole gratitude thing.

But wait, wait, wait, …I know you’ve probably heard about it already.

However, I’m one of those people who wants to try to feel more gratitude every day. But there are days when I don’t (to be real).

I was listening to Napoleon Hill, and he said, “When you want things to come to you faster, you have to be in the energy of gratitude.”

So I get that. I hear you. I hear you. I believe you, Napoleon Hill.

But I can never really feel this amazing amount of gratitude for my life.

Every morning, I journal, and as I journal, I would journal about the things I’m grateful for, but it never really felt like I could feel gratitude.

And then I had this epiphany.

One morning I was journaling about my life and all the things that I wanted to happen for me.  I was writing out that I ALREADY had the things I wanted in my life. Writing out the positive EMOTIONS I felt too.

I was writing it out in such detail, as if I was already experiencing it.

Then, the second part to this journaling was writing out words of encouragement that made me BELIEVE in me and put me in that place of TRUST.

Trust that it was happening and mainly, trust in me.

By the way, when you trust you are in an energetic state of love.

And I’ve said this before, you’re either feeling love or you’re feeling fear.

You can’t do both. You can’t be feeling both at the same time.

I think when we don’t feel gratitude, it’s because we’re in fear mode.

We don’t trust.

We don’t believe that we’re going to have the things that we really want in life.

And, don’t believe we are capable of achieving it.

That’s not true.

We cannot believe in that, because I think most of us do, and that’s what we experience in life.

That’s why we don’t have what we want now or go for what we desire.

I was writing out “I trust life and know I’m fully worthy of living my dreams and capable of achieving.” (this is the part I pump myself up. The other part of this exercise is a full detail of me ALREADY living it.)

All of a sudden, you guys, my heart felt opened.

I wanted to text everybody that I loved them. I was like, “Whoa, whoa, whoa. What just happened here?”

It’s like I took an ecstasy pill.

I wanted to text my nanny, “I love you.”

I wanted to text my husband, “I love you.”

I wanted to text all my friends, “I appreciate having you in my life.”

What I tapped into was gratitude.

I tapped into that feeling of LOVE, of TRUST, of KNOWING that everything is going to work out.

This energy that was emanating through me was so POWERFUL, and it wasn’t because I was writing a gratitude list in my journal.

Hell no! That shit don’t work all the time.

It can, I guess for some, so I’m not going to fully discount it.

But for me, what worked was journaling about how I want my life to be and actually writing it in detail that I was already experiencing it, and then writing things that created the BELIEF in me.  That I was capable of doing the things that I wanted to do.

I was building myself up and the trust factor.

I’ve got to tell you.. that elevated me big time.  It put me out of fear mode into love mode, and I felt that openness in my heart and that gratitude.

Try that for once. Try journaling that way.

It may not happen the first time.

To be real, it took three weeks for me to feel the impact. But I showed up to journal no matter what.

Be patient.

I believe it worked because I’ve been doing this every day, making it a habit.  A consistent habit to conquer my subconscious mind, where it all starts.

Success is a habit.

Feeling love and gratitude are habits too.

Gots to do it every day. Like a shower, this shiz don’t last unless it’s done EVERY DAY.

So, please journal away EVERY DAY. Let me know how it works for you.

Remember to be you, to be real, to be bold.

And to trust, trust, trust.

That’s my message for you. Hit me up at mabelrodriguez.la or Facebook Messenger me at Mabelrodriguezla

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P.S. I’m now working 1:1 with those who are ready to step up their game in life. Only for those who truly want to experience a life that rocks and are ready to TO DO THE WORK. 

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