What Your Fear Is Trying To Tell You

Fear….hmm. Why do we have so much of it? Where in the hell did it come from?

Why was it given to us? Why does it paralyze us from living the life were suppose to live? The life that we long for?

What would life be like or who would we be if it didn’t get in our way?

Do you ever wonder? Do you ever get tired of being scared?

What if you looked at this thing called fear in a different way?

What if fear was actually your friend, was actually the way your soul, the universe, Spirit was trying to guide you?

You see, what I know for sure is when you are scared to do something, I mean you say you want it, you think about it and get excited about it, then when it come time to do it…you flake on it, it means you have crazy amount of resistance.

And, resistance is just fear dressed in a different costume

So if you want it so bad and your heart is telling you, YES, then why so much resistance?

The answer….’cause it means so damn much to you. When you procrastinate, resist, are paralyzed with fear, it means this is the real you, your soul calling you out to do what you were born to do. It’s calling you into YOUR LIGHT, YOUR POWER.

We, you and me, are afraid of our light. We feel fear ’cause we don’t want to mess up, fall, make mistakes, look bad, feel rejected, get criticized. We care so much about this calling, this dream, this endeavor.

That the thought of not making it happen might be much more painful if we never tried at all.

So we convince ourselves it’s okay. It’s okay not to make our dreams come true, it’s okay not to try. We convince ourselves that the life we have now makes us perfectly happy and comfortable.

But you can’t lie to me ’cause I’ve been there. We humans can truly endure lots of pain, we really can.

We endure the pain of going to work doing something we don’t love

the pain of doing something that bores us

the pain of doing something that does NOT bring us passion

the pain of something that robs our joy,

the pain of doing something that kills our Spirit

the pain of doing something that closes our hearts

the pain of doing something that stunts our growth (’cause you know you ain’t growing, right? Don’t kid yourself)

the pain of allowing our gifts and talents to go to waste

the pain of allowing ourselves, the gift, to go down the drain

the pain of always wondering everyday, “What if? What if I did make it? I mean truly did live my dream?”

But you’ll never know ’cause you’ve allowed yourself to live with the pain, you didn’t use fear as your guiding light, as your ally, as your power, instead you ran from it.

Ask yourself this…Who would you allow yourself to be, what would you allow yourself to do if you didn’t run from fear, if you didn’t allow it to paralyze you?

What painful something (the one you are enduring at this moment that does not server you, that sucks your life, makes you wither away every single day you go back to it) would  you give up?

What are you willing to do to free your soul, to bring you joy, to warm your heart, to bring back your life force?

What would you allow yourself to truly step into if you didn’t allow all the fear to come between you?

Do me a favor…for once, pay attention to these questions and write down the answers in a journal.

Let this year be the year you listen to your heart, you uncage your soul, you release yourself to the world by sharing the gifts Spirit gave to you.

Don’t deny the life you were suppose to live.

Trust me, you’ve got what it takes now. You are enough right now.

The world is waiting for you to shine your light, to step into your power,

Let this be the year you give your soul what it craves.

Write down your dream in that journal every day. Show up to it every day.

Ask yourself, What would I do if I knew without a doubt I could not, would not fail?

If I knew I would make it and be a success? If I would be safe, secured, and land on the clouds?

Go ahead, write it down.

And trust, that which came through is what you need to do even if you feel fear. Fear is just a sign that you want it, that your soul is guiding you to your bliss.

You owe it to yourself.

Answer this question…What has entered your mind? What won’t leave you alone in the middle of the night?

If fear didn’t exist, then what would you do and who would you be?

Don’t you see, these are the very questions that you need to ask yourself every single day, every moment when you become aware that you are not living the life you were meant to live.

When you realize you’ve been living a lie

When you realize you are the imposter in your own life, the foreigner, the outcast.

A life of misery, struggle, unhappiness, which is not what your life was supposed to be.

Know this truth, you are a gift, born with a special package and a dream. Your soul has your back and so does the universe.

It’s waiting on you to take the leap, to make a decision, to believe, to allow fear to guide you, to know you are being guided and that you have what it takes to make it happen.

Some of you say you have no idea what you are meant to do on this planet, in this lifetime, you say you don’t know your gifts, your talents, what you’d love to do with your life, what your passionate about.

But I know the truth…


You’re just afraid, afraid of not making it, of it not being possible, of getting out there, of exposing yourself, of rejection, of failing, of not getting it right, of possibly putting all your time and effort and it not working out for you

You resist what you know you must do.

Answer the questions, let fear be your friend, let it be your guide, believe, trust, dream.

And always remember: be You, be Real, be Bold.

much love,


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