What is Super True For Me

Do you want to know what I truly believe in? My truth?

Let me drop it here…

I believe wholeheartedly, that in order to be anything, anyone, actually, let me say it this way…

In order to be who you were born to be, happy, fulfilled and loving what you do…

You have to be YOU, the REAL you and,  you’ve got to be BOLD.

What do I mean by that?

I mean you have to love who you are at your core. That means deep, deep within you. All of you. And you have to have the courage to let the real you be seen by others. The real you that you might feel insecure about, ashamed about or may not think is good enough.

There has to be a letting go of the lifetime of judgments you have against yourself.

A letting go of the beliefs that there is something wrong with you.

Letting go of the beliefs that you have to change who you are to be loved, to be accepted, to not be abandoned or rejected, to fit in.

You were never born to fit in, that’s the biggest BS we’ve all inhaled. The truth is…

You were born to stand out. But no one taught you this. All you ever learned was how to fit in and how you were supposed to be good at everything (so not true). What they should have told you was to only focus on being good at what you were born to do. Good at being exactly who you are right now.

You’ve got to start seeing who you really are deep inside. The beautiful, powerful, sassy soul you are. The amazing woman with a heart of gold.

Let her stand out. Let her shine.

Do your soul a favor and start loving her for who she is and not rejecting her, hiding her, perfecting her according to what your delusional self thinks she NEEDS to be instead of allowing her to be who she ALREADY is.

Which is a powerful light here to create her amazing, extraordinary life.

You have to love you with no buts, no restrictions.

All of you.

And the moment you do, you release the shackles you have put on your soul. You allow her to breathe, to be, to stand in her light and create the life she came here to create. You allow her to develop the strongest roots possible that reach her core, to the core of the earth. And when anyone or anything tries to bring her down, they will not be able to because she is deeply rooted in LOVE. The love she has for herself.

And trust me on this truth I’m about to drop on you.

When you finally, and truly love all of you. I’m talking about the YOU that you see in the mirror, the You deep inside, the you from all the past hurts, pains, mistakes you’ve experienced. Yes, THAT YOU.

Then you free yourself. You allow what is rightfully yours to come into your life. You then get to experience a life of fun, excitement, amazingness, freedom and joy.

You also allow others to see you for who you are and love you for the REAL you.

This is way better than trying to keep up a facade. That’s just way too much work and, doesn’t feel good or natural. Sooner or later, you will expose the REAL you.

When I finally loved all of whom I was, my past, my mistakes, my crazy telenovela drama attitude, my compassion, my impatient self and much more- All of me…

I brought in a man who loved me for all of me too. I brought in opportunities that lit me up, that excited me. I got a glimpse of my potential and the life I could truly possibly create for myself. I could never see that before.

I was also able to get in touch with what I wanted to create in my life. I became clear on my purpose, my dreams.

Loving you is like Christmas, you get LIT up ’cause you get to have all that you want. You become a beacon of light, a magnet for all that you desire.

The energy of love is the most powerful energy there is and, you have access to it now. It’s all in your mind. This is where is starts. Your perception of you. You who already are a badass soul born to create whatever your heart desires.

Trust me on this…You can have it all, but you’ve got to first love YOU. ALL of you.

It’s the foundation to a successful, fulfilled, happy life.

Accept who you truly are and the world will be your oyster.

Remember: To be YOU, to be REAL, and to be BOLD.

Let me know if you are truly accepting all of you or if you are still judging parts of you. Share in the comments down below.



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