How To Get What You Want In 2018?

Happy New Year y’all.

I’ve been thinking lots about what I want to do in 2018 and so I made my usual New Year’s resolution list. This is what made the list:

Of course, the ‘get into shape’, for sure, make more money, use more of my gifts and talents…

But, I then noticed a trend, all these things point to what I’m going to do or what I’m aiming to get, which is good. However, I then had an epiphany…. Instead of getting, what I really need to do more of is…


So the list should truly be about…What am I letting go of this year that does not serve me?

I realized that everything I want already exit. I just need to be an energetic match for it.

I hold myself back from having all these things I desire ’cause I’m not LETTING GO of negative beliefs, unsuccessful habits, bad feelings and fear. It’s like a negative barrier to all that I want when I’m in this state.

I clearly saw what I needed to let go of as I was playing with my son last night. See video for full story and epiphany.

I was at a bombacious restaurant on the famous street of Sawtelle in LA. If ya don’t know this place, then youz got to check it out.

So here I was with my son having so much fun, feeling happiness, BEING with him (hint here, BEING), meaning I was PRESENT when I noticed my internal dialogue, which was something like this “Gosh, I wish I could have more of these happy moments with you. I know I can when I finally can have all that I desire, when I achieve what I need to achieve, then I’ll have more of these present moments of BEING here happy with you.”

Holy crap! It then hit me, I don’t allow myself to be happy or present or in a state of BEING because I’m future living. I not allowing it until I HAVE all that I desire.

It’s like I punishing myself or feeling guilt for enjoying life when I’m not working towards my goals. And if I don’t achieve them just yet, then I can’t enjoy life until I do so.

This is so wrong. AND, backwards

The truth is…. if I want to have all the things I desire then I have to be a magnet for it, I have to be an energetic match for it by being happy and  present now and, NOT until I have all those things I feel/think will bring me happiness.

Sure those things will, but FIRST, I must BE to see.

So instead of complaining that my life is not where I want it to be, I tell myself, “I am where I need to be right now and all is good, I trust that everything I want is on it’s way to me.”

And then I LET GO.

So, that’s the other thing, we get all funky ’cause we don’t trust we will get that which we want. But we will.

Trust and let go.

So for 2018, what are you letting go of? What is holding you back from being the match of that which you desire and of that which is already out there waiting for you?

This is the year to let go, to trust and BE.

I want to hear from YOU…Please share in the comments after this message, What are you letting go of for 2018 that no longer serves you?

As always, remember…be you, be real and be bold

Much love and Happy New Year!


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  1. Vee

    This post is so true and relevant at this point in my life. I’m letting go of telling myself I have to wait until I accomplish my goals to live. I need to start living now.

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