Want To Start Trusting Yourself?

I just had a convo with my girl regarding meditation. I got so into how transformational and powerful it’s been for me, that I began to question why in the hell I’ve let it go for the past two months.

Well, hello, I did have a baby and, if anyone has had one, then you all know it’s cray, cray.

So, let me tell you why this meditation thang is the shiz niz. Watch video below

If there is anything that has changed my life, I’m talking in a powerful way, in a 180 degree way-it’s been meditation. It’s not just about releasing stress, lowering our blood pressure but more about…

connecting with our soul.

We complain that we don’t know what we want in life, that we can’t make up our minds, that we need help making decisions, that we fill stuck, that we don’t know which way to go, they we don’t know what our purpose is, our passion or what we are gifted at.

Well, guess what?

The reason we don’t know is ’cause we are disconnected. So damn disconneted to our truth, to who we are.

We have this amazing gift, our intuition and, yet we don’t use it. We don’t trust it.

Instead we spend thousands on psychics (yep, I did, not gonna lie, being real here)

Your intuition is that gut feeling you ignore sometimes and then regret it.

You will always, always regret not listening to your gut feeling, but you’ll never regret listening to it. 

Your intuition, is your direct power line, it’s your connection to Spirit, God, Buddha, your higher power (whatever name you’ve got for it). It’s your guide, your compass to your dreams, to what you were born to do, to HOW to do it too.

Yes, you second guess yourself all the time and are afraid to make decisions.

But what if you had the ability to connect to your intuition, understand how it communicates to you, and you then start to allow it to guide you, to take you where you need to go, to where your heart wants and, every time you let it lead the way, you always land on top.

Can you imagine what it would feel like to make the most important decisions in your life just by connecting to your own self? By turning inward and asking yourself and coming up with the answer just like that?

Not just come up with the answer, but trusting it, too.

Well, if you can and you want it like that, then do me a favor. Go sit your butt down somewhere and let your soul/God/Spirit speak to you. Give it the respected time it needs to communicate to you. It already knows what you seek and it wants to tell you and help you, but you’ve got to allow it.

And the best way to do this is to be still and be silent.

There is a saying by Deepak Chopra about the difference between meditation and prayer (by the way, you need both)…Prayer is you speaking to God, and meditation is God speaking to you.

When you start to meditate, you’ll start to notice how all of a sudden you know without a doubt the answers to the questions you’ve been seeking. It will hit you out of the blue.

You’ll start to wake up knowing things you never knew before.
You’ll start to feel sensations in your body that tell you if what you’re about to do is a nay or yay.

You’ll start to trust your own decisions and understand how your intuition communicates to you.

You’ll start to be more confident with decision making and begin to take more risk.

You’ll begin to make more bold moves and begin to see the treasure in this gift.

Sit yourself down even if it’s just for a few minutes a day, and give your soul a chance.

You deserve to know the truth, you deserve to make the most profound decisions in your life with certainty and know you’ll land successfully.

Meditate, you owe it to yourself

Always remember to be you, be real and bold

Make it happen.




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