The ‘One Thing’ You Need To Have Your Life Magically Unfold


I remember somebody once telling me that there is only one thing you need to have an amazing life and, when I find that one thing, my life will magically unfold and I would have all that I desired.

I traveled all over the world looking for that one thing. I searched high and low, up in the sky and into the depths of the sea.

And still didn’t find that one thing. However, when I had nowhere else to seek, I looked within and found that one thing.

That one thing, was always with me, deep in my heart.- Check video for complete epiphany.


All the answers were there, and the moment I was able to love all of me, accept all of who I was and, KNOW without a doubt that I was GOOD ENOUGH, then my life changed.

I was able to finally see what I was born to do. The answers were with me this whole time, but I was blinded by my cloud of doubt, by my lack of self acceptance and self love and constant judgment of not being good enough.

When I let go of the lies,  I stepped into my gift and what it was I wanted to share with the world. And the more love and compassion I had for myself, the more I opened up to all the opportunities the universe had for me.

Throughout our lives we try to be loved by others, we try to be what others want us to be and try so hard to fit it.

But the magic and gift appears the moment you stop all of that and embrace who you are now, in this very moment.

It appears the moment you stand out as YOU.

I had so much to offer but never considered any of it ’cause my ego denied it all. It made me scared, small, doubtful and sheltered. But the moment I started to love me, I reconnected to my roots, to my soul and found the courage to be the ‘REAL ME’.

I became best friends with my soul and discovered the truth -I am a powerful, gifted woman here to create impact with my gifts and live the life I’ve always desired.

Knowing this truth is great, but OWNING it is when things start to happen. This is when it all comes together and miracles start to show up.

Start honoring who you really are. The moment you only see the good within and feel the love and compassion for yourself, you blossom into your gifts and actually, blossom into the gift that you are.

You don’t have to travel to find it, it’s already within you.

Always Be You, Be Real and Be bold

And, remember who you are now, is good enough.



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