The Magic Of Following Your Intuition

Today was an amazing day…

It started at 4:40 am when the alarm went off. As tired as I was, I knew there was a reason why I had to get up so early and go to where I was going.

My intuition was speaking to me.

I quickly got dressed then off I went with my husband to pick up our freind. We drove down to ventura, parked our car and hopped onto boat to Santa Barbara.

As the sun started to rise, I looked down into the ocean and there beside me were beautiful dolphins swimming next to our boat. So magical. It felt as though they were guiding our journey.

Once we arrived and docked, we ubered it to see this man who supposedly, is gifted with the ability to accurately read your astrology chart.

I’ve done this before, however, today was different-special. Watch the video below and see what was the message revealed.


This man nailed it. I mean what he did was remove the layer of doubt within us all. He showed all thees of us what we ALREADY KNOW.

I felt like I was Neo in the Matrix to see the oracle. She allowed Neo to own his truth.

The truth that we are all on the right path and, how we are aligned with our souls.

All those years of ‘doing the work’ meaning, opening my heart, healing from the inside out, connecting to my intuition and trusting it, have landed me here speaking to you. Sharing what I know is so damn true.

I’ve always had the gift to see peoples paths on a massive scale. I can see the big picture and connect you to your why and the way in which your soul wants you to express. I get lit up like a Christmas tree when I see people’s reactions to what I reveal to them. It’s an honor and a privilege.

I know for sure that we are living a limited life due to our beliefs. There is so much more for us and the universe wants us to have it all. It is our fear, our doubt, our insecurity, our lack of love and courage that holds us back from the truth we already know, the truth that lives in our hearts.

You were born for more, you have the gift inside of you. It’s time you use it and if you don’t know it then come see me. As I’ve said before, my gift is to see your path with your gifts. What can I say, it comes naturally through me.  I’m just a messenger for God/Spirit.

It is our obligation to find the gift within us and to share it with the world. This is what we were born for. Get connected to your intuition and you’ll start to see the magic unfold.

Always remember to be you, be real and be bold.

Lets make it happen.



PS. If you are experiencing doubt, have many ideas in your head, are not sure which direction to take are ready to connect the dang dots and want to know your gift, your message, then hit me up at or, I’m now offering Heart Path Blueprint sessions which will help you connect the dots as to what you came here to do. Not only the WHAT but the HOW were most of us get stuck. I know ’cause I’ve been there. The truth is you’re not stuck, it’s just fear creating an illusion of confusion. Trust me, the truth, the answers you seek are inside of you. I’m here to show you how to reveal them to yourself and get you aligned to what you came here to do. This is what I was born to do and love how lit up people get when I reveal to them what the already know. It’s an honor and obligation. Let’s stop wasting time and lets get real. Let’s make it happen.

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