The Decision You Need To Make To Be Vibin’ High

It was only 3:30pm and I was fatigued. You’d think I was up for days. I came home and could hardly move my body. Why the major fatigue?

This is what I know or sure….

When we are not living in the moment, in the present and, worried about yesterday’s problems or tomorrow’s wishes, we tire.

When you are worried about not having money, not having that ideal relationship, the ideal career, not having the life you’ve imagined, you lose energy.

Energy comes from our hearts. When we worry about anything, then our hearts close, therefore we don’t have a way to receive energy.

This is why it’s important to do what you love. Your passion keeps your heart open, keeps you alive and thriving. It’s also important to create the life your heart desires.

Remember being a kid?  You probably had lots of energy ’cause you were free. Your heart was open all day playing, not worrying about the future or living in the past. You were present and enjoying life. You could play for days. I know I could have.

But when we grow up, we forget. We get caught up living a life we don’t enjoy and, accepting it.

I see it all the time, people doing things that don’t make them happy. It’s draining to constantly tolerate what you don’t love, to tolerate undesirable circumstances.

So you have two choices…1.Either be happy now and stop diminishing and rejecting the life you have now for the one somewhere out there you think will make you happier or 2. Do something about it. Take action. I mean truly DO SOMETHING.

I promise you, the moment you decide to do something, you will automatically feel your life force come back. You’ll have a pep in your step and people will be asking you what you’re up to.

Where your mind goes, the body will follow. If your mind is feeling high, your body will to and vice versa.

Let’s be real here, humans can tolerate a bunch of shiz. We are actually full of shiz. We complain all day about how shiz ain’t working out, yet do nothing about it.

We’re full of it. We want things to change but aren’t willing to make the change.

It’s like we’re expecting someone else to come do it for us.  In that case, you’ll be waiting forever.

Just keeping it real.

Make a decision.

And if ya don’t make a decision, then it means you still got more space to tolerate your undesirable life. It means you haven’t had enough of your crappy life. You may tolerate it to your grave  (like most).

Just saying the truth.

Life starts to change the moment you make a decision.

Make a decision. Get your life force back, stay high on that vibe, keep the heart open, have faith and use your mind as a gift and not a weapon.

And always remember to be you, to be real and to be bold.



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