Stop Doubting…You Know You Were Born For More

I always knew in my heart that I was born for more.

I just felt it so deeply in my heart. But I second guessed it.

I felt something was wrong with me for believing this.

Nobody talked about it in my household, nobody talked about it growing up, in school and amongst my friends.

All we talked about was getting an education, a degree, a good job, a husband, a house and children.

That’s it.

I never felt that I could fit in that mold.

I started to, yes, trying to fit that very mold, but I never felt good in it.

Do you feel me?

Do you get the same feeling?

The feeling that you were BORN FOR MORE???

That you don’t fit that mold?

Does your soul call you in the middle of the night?

Wake you up at 3 am whispering “You are more than you are allowing yourself to be?”

I would wake up every morning at 3 am with the feeling of “This life I’m living, is not mine.”

I felt like an imposter in my own life. I was single in my mid-thirties. Working in a career that drained me. That did not feed my soul.

Living in a small apartment wondering if I would be single forever, wondering if I should buy a house and just accept my unhappy life.

I wanted to find ‘the one’ and have my own family, but most importantly I wanted to live a life of excitement, one in which I used my gifts and talents every day and created amazing things and experiences.

One in which I knew without a doubt was designed for me.

An extraordinary life.

I remember one day, going to my uncle’s house complaining that I needed to know my purpose in life.

I needed to know who was I born to be, what my gifts were, what my talents were, who was I born to serve, what did my soul come to do in this lifetime.

He not only saw the desperation in my eyes, but felt it too. He then looked at me and said “Mabel, why can’t you just be like the REST OF US? Why can’t you just be happy with where you are now?”

I felt a pang in my gut, as if I had just been stabbed.

That pang, that sharp feeling in my gut, WAS a stab, a stab at my soul.

My soul was saying “hell no!” Don’t listen to that, Mabel. Don’t be “THE REST OF US”

The “REST OF US” is exactly what I did not want in my life.

The rest of us meant, settle and be unhappy like the rest of society. It meant go to a job you hate, or can’t stand, or one that bores you.

It meant pray that you get closer to the weekend, Friday, vacation or retirement.

It meant ‘I’m going to drink to numb my unfulfilled life.’

It meant ‘I’m going to buy sh*t I don’t need to feel better, to make that feeling of unease go away

It meant living with the feeling of ‘I know I’m not living the life I should be living.’

You see…

I could not ignore these feelings ’cause I knew…I knew without a doubt, I was born for MORE.

I knew…

I could do more

I was capable of more.

And, I know…you KNOW you are, too.

I know you know you’ve got it but you just doubt it.

You wonder if you really could ¬†make your dreams come true because they are so out there, so big, so daunting and you wonder, you wonder the HOW…How do I even do it?

How do I even start?

Could this vision, this desire, this dream that keeps me up at night, that keeps coming to me be real?

Do I have what it takes or is it just all BS?

Is it all just a desire to feel like someone special?

You want to know the truth?

The dream isn’t BS. You are…

You’re full of BS excuses why it can’t be.

Why you can’t make it

Why you shouldn’t believe in it.

You try to convince yourself that you could be happy without it.

But you if you fall into this trap, then..

You do become like “The REST OF US”

Can I tell you something?

Your fear of becoming like “The REST OF US” is already here.

You are living it.

Breathing it

Being it.

By ignoring the call of your soul, your dreams.

You’ve now become “THE REST OF US”


But you could CHANGE IT ALL

You could choose different now.

You could believe in your potential

You could believe the dream IS real

You could believe it’s possible

You could start to listen to your heart.

You could start to believe in YOU.

In your dreams.

That there is a way.

Believe in the vision and that the dream is REAL

And, that it came to you for a reason.

It picked YOU.

It knows you ALREADY have what it takes to make it happen

It’s no accident.

When you see others doing what you long to do and you feel it in your body…then know, that your soul sees itself.

You are seeing the reflection of your potential

This is why you feel that way.

Wake up and realize this truth.

It’s not accident.

You were born for more.

Answer the call.

Remember: To be You, be Real and be Bold.



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