Recommended Reading: Books That Have Changed My Life

A Return to Love

Sometimes in life , we wonder why we experience the same hurtful situations over and over again. If this resonates with you then I invite you to read this book. It explains in vivid detail how thoughts & perception can literally alter your life, meaning, our thinking. When you love you, I mean every single bit of you, then you start to connect to the universal life force that has the power to bring all that you wish. This book brings you back home to unconditional love and full acceptance of yourself.

The Life You Were Born to Live

This book proves you the science of numerology. Wait..what’s that? Numerology is the science of adding up all the numbers in your date of birth to determine your “birth number” or “ life path number.” These numbers provide insight as to what your soul came here to do. Also, about your  potential and the core issues that may be holding you back in life. It’s so accurate it’s scary.  If you want to understand who you are then I invite you to check this book out.

Ask and It Is Given

No matter where you are in your life right now, I promise you.. you can create whatever you want. You have the unlimiting power to do so.  This book teaches you how to manifest your desires by using the Universal laws that bring you a more fulfilled life. It’s all about going with the flow of life and not against it. Many of us are not aware how we are holding ourselves back from bringing what we truly desire in our lives.  I invite you to check this book out as you’ll pick up the right tools to sculpt your dream life. Be ready for lots of AHA moments!

Inspired Destiny

Sometimes, in life, we feel as though we are missing motivation and passion. And sometimes we don’t know why or where to look for it.  When your not connected to your core, most treasured values, you begin to feel disconnected to your life purpose. This book provides powerful, insightful questions and tools to help you find your core values. Find your values and you’ll find your life purpose.

The Vision Board

Visioning has become a lost art for many. This book is a profound re-entry into the ancient process of seeing the mystery before it happens. I’m a firm believer that we constantly need to inspire and motivate ourselves in order to bring forward what we truly want in our lives. A vision board is a painted a map of how we all can transform our lives into masterpieces.  As you constantly evolve, so will your board. There is a science to it and this book explains and provides a step-by-step process with amazing illustrations on how to do it right.

The Alchemist

Be prepared to not sleep as it will be difficult to put this book down. What an amazing story about the journey of a young man who goes in search of his dream. While on his journey, he learns life changing life lessons and realizes that he is not alone. Once he started to be present he saw that the universe had his back and was guiding him the whole time. An inspiring book for those who want to fulfill their dreams. A reminder that nothing is impossible.

The Passion Test

This one is a keeper.  You’ll need to revisit the test in the book to be current with your passions. We are constantly evolving; as we do, so do our passions. It provides an easy tool to uncover the passions deep within your heart. The ones we buried long ago due to not believing it was possible to live our dreams. You’ll love the author’s story about how the universe supported her along the journey. How it helped make her dreams become a reality. Remember, you only have to worry about the “what” and not the “how” when it comes to creating a life you want.

The Four Agreements

Wow, what a short, simple, yet profound book that teaches one how to experience more personal freedom and fulfillment in their lives. Yes, it is a tiny book, but don’t underestimate it’s powerful ability to change your life around. If you follow these simple four agreements, you’ll experience more love and happiness in your life. Love this book!

I Can See Your Dream Job

This is for those struggling to find fulfillment in their current jobs . If you don’t find meaning and dread going to work, then this book is for you. The author provides powerful insights and techniques to help you dig  out the answers that are deep within yourself. By doing so, you will be guided to your life purpose. So many methods and profound questions packed into this awesome book to guide you to your soul path.

The Call of Your Soul

When you have the feeling that the life your currently living does not feel as thought it belongs to you, then consider the possibility that your not on the right path. Maybe that feeling is your soul calling you back home. Home being the full expression of your authentic self. It explains how  our souls call our attention so that we can live out our life purpose. This book will help you release the emotions and limiting self beliefs that hold you back from achieving your greatness.

The Message

Our lives are designed by our soul. The more you listen to it, the closer you’ll be to unfolding your purpose in life.  Your soul is constantly trying to communicate with you; however, many of us don’t recognize the signs. I would invite you to read this profound book with beautiful messages to help you connect to your authentic self so that you could live an amazing life. The life your were born to live.

Turning Pro

If you already know what you want to creatively do in your life but are still lagging. I invite you to  read this book. It’s mind blowing. Fear knows how to disguise itself so well. You wonder why you haven’t progressed in life. Why you don’t take action when you know it’s the only way to get unstuck and be truly successful.  According to the author, when we turn pro, we find our power. We find our will, voice and self-respect. Then and only then, do we become who we always were, but had been limited by our fear to truly live it.


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