One of Life’s Greatest Secrets

Want to know one of the greatest secrets to life?

The secret is….YOU are not the voice you hear in your mind but, the ONE who hears it.

The one who recognizes that voice as a separate entity.

Do you get that?

I learned of this many years ago when I came down with an undiagnosed illness that radically changed my life.

I remember like it was yesterday…

I was sitting in the a room when the acupunturist walked in and asked me how long I’ve had my symptoms.

Our convo went like this…

Me: “It’s been two years.”

Him: “Stick out your tongue. Let me see your wrist (he looks at my tongue, then puts his finger on my wrist to feel my pulse)”

Him: “What’s your story?

Me: “What do you mean?”

Him: “What were you doing before you got this sick? What was your life like?”

Me: “Oh, boy, okay, um…well… I was partying in Hollywood, drinking, staying up all night. I then dated this guy and this is what happened, then I dated this other guy and this happened…”

He then stares at me for the longest time and says….

“You have broken heart, lost soul.”

This was the very fist time I had ever heard of LOST SOUL.

And, when he told me, he didn’t explain it, but somehow, I felt it was true. Maybe it was my soul, my higher self, my guardian angels whispering, “Yes, yes, this is true. Listen to him, Mabel.”

I then began to look into what the soul was and it’s meaning in my life. What I discovered became the foundation of how I live my life now and for what transformed it- It gave me my second chance.

This is what he meant, the voice inside our head, the ego, creates many stories, many beliefs that we are not enough, that we are bad, that we are flawed, that we are not worthy. We begin to repeat these words, these stories, these sayings over and over again.

Soon enough, we believe them and, then become them.

We become what we believe, which is why we live so unhappily, why we never bother to go for more, why we never bother to see our greatness and live our dreams.

But you see, THAT VOICE, the one inside your head telling you all these lies, the one keeping you small, isn’t you but, it overcomes you and shadows your soul.

You then lose your soul, your higher self, your consciousness

You are a spiritual being with a soul with a powerful gift.

Your soul is always rooting for you, always giving you words of love, support, kindness, compassion. It makes you feel like you can conquer the world. It reminds you that you are love, that you are Spirit and that you can and will have it all. That you are worthy of it all.

It will guide you into your purpose if you listen to it.

If you pipe your ego and stop believing anything that makes you feel unworthy, as if you’re not good enough, not smart enough, not capable, that who you want to be is not possible or too hard.

It’s time to come back home, to your roots, to your truth, to your soul.

It’s time to believe in you and your dream and your gifts.

The world is waiting on you.

Make it happen and remember to be You, be Real and be Bold.







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