Life is one grand experiment

What I have finally come to terms with is that life is just an experiment, a playground for us to learn to be our best selves and to really explore what it is we really want in life. I’m sure you’ve experienced many times before when a creative idea, possible exciting endeavor, or something you’ve always longed to do enters your mind. This idea pesters you like an annoying fly yet, you have chosen to ignore it time and time again.

We can continue ignoring these dreams and ideas as long as we want, but we will never be at peace until we acknowledge them and give them a try.

I used to feel scared in taking chances with my ideas due to the fear of not being able to make it happen, doing it wrong or looking stupid. But what if we viewed life as a place to just try? Remember being in science class and having the freedom to try out our formulas? Sometimes they worked sometimes they didn’t. But at least we had the space to screw up and try again until we got it right.

When ideas come to us, they’re truly worth testing them out in the lab, the lab being our life.

How else are we ever going to know if our ideas work unless we give them a try. When you test it out, you are assessing, evaluating and most likely, you will have to tweak the formula to make whatever it is you want to work for you. Which is what is supposed to happen.

However, there is one very important ingredient most people are missing when they go about making their ideas into their reality and, I share this ingredient in “Life is one grand experiment” #MabelOnTheReel episode. It’s made many people successful in their endeavors and will help you in achieve whatever it is you want in your life.



It’s really about enjoying the process because, if you don’t, you’re endeavors will just cause you pain and agony. Remember…

Life is just one big experiment and the experiment is part of your journey. Click To Tweet

It’s time to get out there and have fun with your experiments. I know deep within every cell of my body when you get the formula right you’ll find your amazingness.

Now it’s your turn to share, tell me what idea do you have that has not been tested due to your fear of failing. What creative endeavor have you been ignoring most of your life?

Thank your for hanging out with me and remember to keep the dream alive.


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