I Decided I Was Going To Have It All

Ten years ago, I was so scared and unhappy with my life.

I must have spent hundreds, if not a few thousands on going to psychics to tell me my future.

I needed to know if I was going to be ok and safe.

I wanted to know if I would ever get married, have children, know my purpose in life, be happy and  successful.

I had so many unanswered questions.

I was feeling desparate.

I had this one particular psychic I would go to and, not going to lie, every time I would be on my way to see her, I would already feel a bit better. Almost like a sense of peace would blanket me.

And, when I left, I was high again. I guess you could say it felt like a drug. I NEEDED her to make me feel safe and secure.

I NEEDED her to tell me my life was going to work out for me.

I relied on her so much.

But that was the old me. The me who did not know any better.

The reason why I relied on them so much was ’cause I had no idea, no freakin’ idea that I could CREATE my own reality.

The psychics could never really tell me my future because they really didn’t know.

The future was up to me.

You see..

You, and every one on this planet are born CREATORS.

I’m not saying this lightly…I damn serious here.




You are a CREATOR.

This truth set me free.

It was a game changer.

It liberated me and my soul

I finally got the profoundness of it.


With the power of our minds

With the power of our beliefs

With the power of accountability and responsibility

I had to realize that everything I had experienced in my life was a result of my





I, and no one else, created my life.

So, if I wasn’t happy with what I had, then I COULD change it.

Yes. I could reverse it all and make it better.

Make it WAY Better ’cause this time, I was completely present while creating.

You just have to DECIDE what it is you want and know that you are fully WORTHY of having it.

That’s it.


Heard it all before?

Where you expecting something much more difficult?

Well, too bad, ’cause this is really what it is and if you already know this and it still aint’ happening for you, then you aren’t owning your gift, the power of your mind, TAKING responsibility for how you use it.

Let me say it again,



YOU, Create your life.


You DECIDE what it is you want and it will be.

But you have to BELIEVE.

You decide you can have it because you are worthy of having it.


You just DECIDE.

You just CREATE.

I remember the exact moment this profound truth hit me. I had read about it before but I never understood it until one evening while sitting on my bed reading one of Louise Hay’s book, it hit me like a lightening bolt (not a real one, but you know, a dose of enlightenment)

Up until that day, I hadn’t realized that I had CREATED all the misery in my life.

The loneliness



physical illness

huge debt

being single

and unhappy (more like super miserable)

Yes, it was me this whole time.

Yet I victimized myself.

I believed it was just happening to me and not ’cause of me.

All those years I felt hopeless and powerless.

Wishing so hard that I could change my life around

Wishing so hard I would be saved by someone or something

Just wishing and wishing it would all go away

But I had the power the whole time.

The gift of my mind to create what I wanted by desiring it, journaling about it, dreaming about it, visualizing about it and then the most important part…

DECIDING it was mine and BELIEVING that I was worthy of it.

I had to BELIEVE it was possible and just focus on getting it with an energy of excitement.

That day changed it all for me.

Since then, I have never returned to a crystal ball, relied on a tarot card, or read Cosmo’s astrology page to tell me I was going to have the life I wanted and, that I was going to be happy, safe and fulfilled.

I decided I was going to have it all.

I’m now writing to you from a place of power.

From a place of belief

From a place of accountability

From a place of trust

I have completely turned my life around and it’s keeps on getting better.

Your are a born creator. You’ve got the power of your mind to create so use it right.

Remember: to be you, be real and be bold



P.S. Can’t decide on what you want, then lets get clear. Connect with me at info@mabelrodriguez. la

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