How You Can Own Your Bliss Now

I noticed the other day, how I was feeling tense, wound up and just stressed the hell out.

And, I figured it out.

I had this massive epiphany as to why we get into these funky moods. I work hard everyday to make my dreams come true however; in the back of my mind, I already want to be there now, like yesterday.

And I imagine that the future life is so much better than the life I have now. I’m assuming that THAT FUTURE life, the one that’s not here now but way over there somewhere, is going to make me happier.

And, I convince myself that I can’t be happy now, I can’t be in bliss with the life I have now until I get to there, THE FUTURE I crave.

However, it’s a loosing battle ’cause you see, every time I hit my goals, every time I do get the FUTURE LIFE, I want more and, I believe the more is going to make me happier.

It’s like I’ll always be chasing the future life and putting my bliss on hold until I’m there and, I repeat this crazy cycle.

As I’m working on my craft, creating my dreams, I feel like I’m not present at times. I’m more in my head, in fear mode and putting lots of pressure on what I’m working on. The pressure being that what I’m working on, will bring me a greater return.

There is so much attachment to the outcome- an unhealthy trap.

I realized that in order for me to find my bliss, all I need to do is let go of the pressure, of the attachment, of the comparison, of the future living, of the fear and, the limiting belief that I am not going to make it.

And trust that it IS going to work when I stay in that high vibe energy. If I create from my heart, if I stay open to allowing God to use me as a vessel, if I trust the process, if I believe that what I’m doing is enough and will bring all that I desire, if I create from a space of giving instead of getting.

When you create from this space, it’s so much more powerful and brings in what you want even faster. The rewards are so much greater and sweeter.

Trust the process, breathe in the moment, return to your bliss. Have gratitude for how far you’ve come and have accomplished. Compare yourself from where you were before to where you are now and not where you are going.

Don’t reject who you are now, don’t reject the life you have now, don’t future live.

‘Cause when you ain’t feeling the BLISS, it’s cause you are rejecting YOU, the YOU who you are now and the amazing life you have now.

We can’t have more if we don’t appreciate what we have now.

Let it go. Do your thang and then release it into the world. Do the best you can with what you got and trust that it’s good enough. Trust that it will work out and that you are worthy of it all.

Return to your bliss now and don’t wait to earn it or deserve it. Stop putting conditions on it. It’s here now, grab it, be it, love it, own it, breathe it.

You owe it to you and to the success you crave.

Be your bliss and make it happen.

Always remember: be you, be real, be bold.



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