How We Sabotage Our Dreams

The other day, I didn’t want to write my blog, I didn’t want to journal, I didn’t want to workout, I didn’t want to do any of my social media.

I just didn’t feel like doing anything.

I was feeling a bit low. Not sure why. It could have been from lack of sleep, just plain ol’ fatigue or just laziness.

Whatever it was, I started to convince myself that I didn’t need to do what I said I was going to do.

I started to tell myself it was okay to not keep my commitment, to not have integrity with my word.

But can I be real here? Every time I try to convince myself it was okay to not have integrity with my word…I felt worst. I felt even more depleted.

I started to spiral into a deeper funk.

So, let me tell you what was going on here….

I just met with my publisher. We set a launch date for my book. Now, it was getting real, the dream is getting closer.

Now that it’s here, I started to shy away from it. I started to doubt it, to sabotage it.

I was having one of those days where I wasn’t vibin’ with me, my soul, my gifts. The magical energy of hustle was gone…poof. Just like that.

I was scared. I wasn’t believing in my shiz…my craft. Now that I’m on my way to shine, I started to wonder..”Am I good enough?”

My sabotage was to convince myself that I don’t need to do the stuff I’m supposed to do, the stuff that WILL bring me closer to my dream.

But let me tell you what happens if we don’t keep our word, if we convince ourselves it’s okay to flake, it’s okay to not keep our commitment?

We chip away at our soul, we chip away at our ability believe in ourselves. We then don’t allow ourselves to take a chance, to risk, to move into the direction of our dreams.

When you don’t keep your word,  you lose your power. You lose faith in YOU.

This is why you don’t bother to take action. ‘Cause you don’t ever follow through.

But if you did keep your word no matter what, no matter how you felt, no matter the circumstance you are in, then you KNOW without a doubt that you’ll make it happen.

You believe in you.

Without belief in you, nothing will happen. You won’t see change in your life.

If you’re feeling stuck then know that it is you who keeps you there.

It is you who does not believe in you.

It is you who can’t count on YOU

It is you who every time flakes on your own word, who has no integrity with it, who can’t keep a promise to your own self, that diminishes the ability to create your dream life.

You’re not understanding that every time you don’t keep your word, your promise, you lose your edge, you lose your power, you lower the energy within you.

Success is a habit. Rain or shine. Feeling it or not. You’ve got to show up.

And, every time you don’t follow through you spiral downward. However, the moment you keep your word, you redeem yourself, you feel powerful, reenergized.

You’ll feel high as if you could conquer the world.

Trust me.

You need to understand that your words create your world.

Stay committed to your word, have integrity with it, stay powerful, show up for what you say you’re going to do and the universe will meet you there. It’s always listening.

It’s always there waiting on you, however, when you don’t show up for you, it’s starts to wonder if you are serious. It starts to wonder if it should show up for you.  Then you wonder why it’s so hard to make shiz happen.

All you’ve got to do is show up to your word. Keep the promise and the world will be your oyster.

Always remember: be you, be real and be bold

Make it happen.



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