How To Use Your Words To Create What You Want In Life

I have the most amazing friends with hearts of gold. I asked one of them one day “How did I attract such sweet, heart-centered women in my life if I feel as though I’m not so sweet?”

Her answer, “But you are. I see your heart, your compassion and your loyalty.”

The only reason why I can possibly agree with her is ’cause I know a universal truth…Like Attracts Like.

So where did this negative belief come from?

I then had a flashback to one of the most painful times in my life.

When I was a little girl, I remember standing in my grandmother’s kitchen while both my mother and grandmother would spit out the words “Malcriada, Abusiva”

Meaning, bad little, poorly raised child.

It hurt me deeply. I would stand there with my shoulders hunched over, crying from feeling the rejection, feeling as though I wasn’t a good person or good enough.

These painful moments happened quite often and, every time they did, my beautiful great-grandmother would come running into the kitchen and save me from the harshness of those words.

She would yell at the two of them for putting me down.

As I became an adult, I wholeheartedly believed I was not a good person. Some would say I was bitchy, rude and mean.

I believed it so much, I became it.

Words have power. They can build you up or destroy you.

I had to undo all the negative things I was told. Throughout my earlier life, I was told (that I was a piece of crap, a son of a b*tch and much more)

Again, I took these words into my internal belief system, into every single cell of my body and, BECAME IT.


These words closed my heart, created the separation from my soul and created a life of misery and pain.

I then began to realize the power of my words and that I had the ability to change my life by changing my words which would change my beliefs. I had to rewire my brain into believing I was so much more.

And, I had to let go of the false beliefs and come back home to my truth. To who I really am when my heart is open and am in the energy of love.

This is who we all really are.

We are not bad people.

We are not stupid.

We are not flawed.

We are not all those negative things people who loved us told us.

They didn’t know any better and, I’m 100% positive this is what was done to them. It’s a pattern.

We are nothing but magnificent, loving, powerful creators here to be who we really are and to create the life we deserve.

It’s time to let go of the words that have kept you down, that have made you believe you weren’t enough, that have separated you from your creative power and most importantly, from LOVE.

Start becoming aware of your beliefs and aware of the words you use to describe who you are. Replace them, rewire your brain. Know that you have the power to choose what you want to BELIEVE and BE.

You owe this to yourself.


This is how I changed my life and am living in alignment with who I really am-LOVE

Always remember: to be you, to be real and to be bold.



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