How To Use Your Voice To Get What You Want

Do you ever catch yourself holding back from telling someone how you really feel? I mean you’re thinking

it, feeling it but then you keep it from coming out of your mouth?

I used to do this all the time and I know why.

I was afraid of …

1. looking like a total biatch

2. I didn’t want to be rejected from speaking my truth

3. I didn’t want to feel guilty or bad.

4. I feared I wouldn’t get what I want from telling someone the truth (especially when something you really want is on the line)


Can I tell you something….

One of the most POWERFUL things you have is your voice and, when you use it with TRUTH you can pretty much get what you want out of life.

There is something magical when you become transparent with what you’re feeling and thinking then powerfully VOICING it.

I’ve become really good at this.

However, last week I shocked myself.  I totally held back from saying what I was feeling and thinking.

Holy Shizzle, my nizzle! What the hell just happened here?

I backed down as I feared I would piss this person off and not get what I wanted.

So let me share my story in the video of what went down, how I got into this situation (why most of get into this sticky mess)  and most importantly, how I got the confidence to come back to my roots,  speak my truth and gracefully get what I want. You CAN have what you want by using your voice and I’ll show you how.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this video. Always know that your voice is powerful and a gift. Don’t underestimate the power of vulnerability and speaking your truth.

Remember to be you, to be real and to be bold.



P.S. I’m creating more time for 1:1 sessions if you’re ready to start owning who you are and stepping into a more powerful YOU.

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