How To Open More Opportunities For Yourself

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again.

We Are Energy.

We are extemely magnetic and have the ability to attract what we desire; however, you may not know how to do it.

So let me drop it on ya.

It’s so crucial to check what side of the road you’re on, the road to bringing all that you want or the road that pushes it away.

Do me a favor, when you wake up in the morning, quickly check in with how you feel.

Are you feeling light, happy and hopeful like today is going to be the shiz or are you feeling kinda blue, tired and just blah?

Once you figured that out, then your next step is to check in with what created that feeling. What were you thinking right before you woke up?

This is the most important part.

I am most connected to my intuition right when I wake up. So the other day, I woke up feeling fearful and uncomfortable within my own body.

I then traced it back to the last thought I had. The thought was “Am I going to be able to make the things I deeply want in my life happen?” Will I be and accomplish all that I dream of being?”

Even though so many amazing things have happened for me, I can easily slip back into that place that doesn’t TRUST.

So when I’m doubting and feeling blah, then it’s a huge indicator that my heart is not open and not trusting or believing.  And when the heart is not open, our doors to the opportunities we seek are closed.

However, when we are FEELING high, happy and free of worry, then there is lightness to us. In means our hearts are wide open to receive and that’s when we use our energy to bring it that which we desire.

This is when we step into our most powerful selves and become magnetic. Bringing in those opportunities, opening those golden doors and creating that dream.

‘Cause that’s what you do every moment of your day…is create with your energy.

You’ll start meeting the right people, for example, you’ll be sitting at the cafe and have a convo with someone who has the right connections. And, because you’re heart is open, you’re able to see those golden opportunities and capture them.

It’s hard not to doubt, worry and wake up feeling anxiety, I get it and am totally  in the trenches with you.

Once I notice,  I switch my energy as I know for sure, that my energy and open heart will bring in what I desire more so then what I physically do to get there.

Check out the list below as it shows you how I switch the energy.

  1. I become aware of my feelings as it’s my indicator of what I’m attracting
  2. I take a few deep breaths. Like super deep breaths
  3. I use powerful, positive words and start building myself up. For example: “I know that which I desire is on it’s way to me now I just need to get out of the way and believe. I am worthy of this dream. It will happen”
  4. And, if I have time, I take a minute and see myself there already happy, fulfilled and in bliss. The best is to journal your dream out every single day to strength that belief.

Once you do this you’ll feel a shift, open the heart and open the doors of opportunity to come flying your way.

Nothing is more powerful in bringing all that you desire then your energy.

Use your mind as a gift, use your imagination and your words to create your world.

Your words and your mind are the most powerful tools you have to create that magnetic energy you need to bring in what you want in life.

You can work all day on your To-Do list, but if your energy is not in alignment with what you crave then it ain’t gonna happen.

Your energy trumps everything.

When you feel high, you are believing and, whatever you believe you’ll see.

Trust, stop doubting and just make it happen.

You’ve got this.

Always remember to be you, to be real and to be bold





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