How To Find Your Gift To The World

I remember years ago how I so wanted to find my gifts, my purpose and my passions. I desperately wanted to know who I was and what I was meant to give the world.

I began my  journey to discover my gift. I was on a treasure hunt. I traveled the world, (that pic of me above was in India) took many self development classes, meditated, journaled, asked the psychics, gurus, did hypnotherapy, read hundreds of books, drank tonics, did my mantras, wore my beads, carried my crystals and worked with my deck of  angel cards everyday.

And guess what?

I discovered it.

It was never out there. The whole time it was in here…I’m pointing to my heart.

The gift was ME.

It wasn’t just one thing like dancing, singing, painting, teaching….NO.

It was ALL OF ME.

You see, YOU, yes, YOU, the one who sees herself in the mirror everyday, ARE THE GIFT.

You are it, baby. The whole package. Every single little and big piece about you, it part of the treasure.

I love it when my mother calls my son, my little treasure.

Thank god, ’cause he will grow up knowing the beautiful gift he is unlike the rest of us who have struggled with seeing this magnificent truth.

There is no other person like yourself on this planet. You are one of a kind. You may see similarities amongst others, but never, ever the exact same as you.

There is no other beautiful, light soul like YOU.

Are the more you are able to accept that, love all of you and allow yourself to BE the REAL YOU.

You will step into your treasure, your radiant magnificent self.

The world changed for me the moment I began to LOVE  and ACCEPT all of who I was.

My heart opened up and hugged me with such unconditional love.

I needed to own the way I laughed, walked, snored (ok, not really, just a little bit according to my husband) spoke, interacted with others, dressed and shared my truth. My whole essence.

I stopped trying to be anything but me and, once I did, damn…My gift blossomed.

I blossomed.

I was all I needed. I just allowed the real me to show and shine and that’s when I found my treasure.

I want the same for you. I want you to completely FALL IN LOVE with YOU.

I want you to completely ACCEPT all of YOU (the good and the bad)

I want you to stop trying to fit in and start STANDING OUT as the radiant YOU.

I want you to stop judging who you are and beating yourself up for all your mistakes and for not being perfect

I want you to just LOVE who you are now, right this second.

Stop creating reasons why you are not enough, why you are not worthy.

None of it is true.

You are the gift and the moment you can see that, you’re whole life will change.

Your Gift is not about becoming someone, it's about allowing yourself to BE YOU. Click To Tweet

I give you permission to be YOU.

Please do the same, you deserve it.

Be the beautiful treasure you are and…

Always remember to be you, to be real and to be bold.



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