How To Find Out What’s Holding You Back From Having What You Want

As I was trying on wedding dresses at a bridal shop, I had the lovely opportunity to be assisted by a beautiful young lady. I asked her why she picked this job (assisting brides with choosing one of the most important dresses in their lives. I’m always curious as to why people do what they do)

Her response, “I’ve always wanted to be a designer, especially a wedding dress designer.”

She then told me how she went to fashion school in New York City but, as soon as she revealed this, she quickly said, “Well, that was then, let’s focus on you and your big day.”

Clearly, she didn’t want to talk about it anymore. It was like I saw her elevate then deflate all at the same time.

So, if anyone knows me, I can’t let that go and not say anything to this young lady. I have to be the messenger of TRUTH as this is what I was born to do.

Her eyes showed the passion for this dream but it also revealed a sadness of it not being realized.

I know this feeling. I’ve seen it so many times and I’ve felt it myself.

The pain is of one who parks their dream in a garage and covers it up with a cloth and tries to never see it again.

And why do we do this?

‘Cause we don’t believe it’s possible

We don’t believe it’s for us

We don’t believe that we can actually make it happen

We feel as though it’s too far away from where we are now.

We are afraid to fail

We are afraid of the pain, of the possible struggle and, of not seeing the results.

But the truth is, we will experience more pain by NOT pursing the dream versus going after it.

We experience the pain of settling, of parking the dream, of living another’s dream.

They only way to be truly free, truly liberated, truly fulfilled is when we pursue that which lives in our hearts.

It’s the only way.

And, as a reminder, you didn’t choose it. It chose YOU.

It’s time to go after that dream you’ve parked but the first thing you must do is find out what has you held back. It’s always something in our subconscious mind (all in your head, really. And not real)

The way through your blocks is to get a journal out and start writing out all the reasons of why you can’t achieve or have this dream.

This is the biggest gift you could ever give yourself.

It’s to find out what lies you are feeding yourself that are holding you back from having what you want. This is how you dig out the BS and change it so that you start only feeding yourself WHY YOU CAN HAVE THIS DREAM AND WHY YOU ARE WORTHY OF IT.

Focusing on why you CAN have this dream is the only thing you need to feed your mind, your heart and your soul.

If you do this every single day, I promise, you will start to move in the direction of your dream.

You will notice yourself believing in it, believing in YOU and wait…this best part is…

You will start to take action.

I’ve seen this happen over and over again.

For everything you have written down as a reason why you can’t, you MUST REWRITE the opposite of why YOU CAN and WILL .


By the way, this journal question goes for ANYTHING you want in your life.

Remember you are pure possibility.

Believe in the dream that lives in your heart.

You are so capable and so worthy of it.

Just make it happen.

And, always remember, to be you, to be real and to be bold.



PS. What negative reasons or excuses are you telling yourself that have you believing you can’t have what you want in life. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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