How To Be In Your Most Powerful State Ever

So, my New Year’s Day was pretty trippy. I mean, if I were to look at it as some crazy omen, then I’d be pretty freaked out. But I’m not.

Instead, I’m looking at what I’m about to share with you as the universe saying, “Hey, Mabel, this is the year to be in your most powerful state ever, but the only way to do this is to take EXTREME OWNERSHIP”

Sooooo, this is what went down…

First off, I was suppose to do some work and at 6:07, my nanny tells me she’s running late ’cause she’s sick. I had to tell her not to come since I didn’t want my son getting sicker than he already was. I tried to see if my mother was available but, she wasn’t. Then I tired to see if my husband was available, however, he, too was not since he was working. Yes, we both work even on New Year’s day (we love to hustle :))

Anyway, it wasn’t happening for me and I started to get pissed off. Feeling like I was abandoned and victimized. Now this was in the morning. Lets fast forward to the evening.

My husband walks into the house after grabbing us dinner and tells me..

Husband: ‘Hey luv, is your bike locked downstairs?’

Me: “No, why?”

Husband: ‘Cause I think I saw two guys ride off with your bike. I mean, I’m not sure, but it looked like your bike. It was blue with a black basket.”

Me: “Really?! You didn’t stop them? I think that was my bike. So, you saw them stealing my bike but didn’t stop them? Why?!!!!”

Husband: “I wasn’t sure. I didn’t see them with any cutters so I guess I just wasn’t sure.

Me: ‘Ugh”

So, I immediately ran downstairs to our parking garage and over to the bike rack. Sure enough, my bike was gone. Right then and there, I started to feel angry, my stomach turning, my chest tightening. I could feel the resentment building up inside of me.

I was wanting to just go off on my husband who let these aholes steal my bike. I wanted to BLAME him

I was entering a dangerous state….the state of VICTIMIZATION.

A powerless state in which one does not accept responsibility, take ownership for their circumstances, for what they create and instead lowers their vibrational energy. The lower energies of hate, anger, resentment, despair, vindictiveness and much more. A state in which one loses their power, their creative power.

Yep, I so badly wanted to blame him but I couldn’t.

I, taking extreme ownership, knew I should have put a lock on the bike ages ago, As a matter of fact, these two aholes tried to steal bikes two weeks earlier and were caught on tape

Our property managers posted warning signs all over the building and guess what?

I still didn’t lock up the bike.

So, it was my fault, I created it.

However, the next day, even though I knew it was my fault. I went over to the property manager and complained that we should have more security guards.

So, here I was STILL not wanting to take accountability, ownership and responsibility. My ego was trying hard to blame someone else.

When I wasn’t getting anywhere with this whole dumping the accountability thang…

I gave in.

And, let me tell you what happened the moment I did….

I felt a massive release in my body, I felt free, light, happy, energetic, high.

I said, “Mabel, this is all you. Own it and LET IT GO”

And, I did. That was the massive release I felt. The liberation.

Once we take extreme ownership for what we experience, then we truly step into the knowingness that nothing happens to us, but because of us. We do life, life does not do us, we create it.

Look hard, look close and you’ll see that everything you experience is a result of YOU.

Once you recognize this, then you understand that you have the power to create whatever you want.

You start to believe in your ability to create and that you have control over it.

A much more powerful state than victimization.

It is YOU who can and has endless capability to do and have whatever you want.

Take extreme ownership as if your life depended on it.

You owe it to yourself ’cause you deserve an amazing life.

Always remember: be you, be real, be bold.



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