How To Be In That High Vibe Energy To Get What You Want

I’ve always been an ambitious girl and along with this ambition, I’ve also been really hard on myself.

I mean, really hard, super critical and judgmental. I don’t allow myself excuses nor do I sugar coat any criticism towards myself and others.

I’ve always been this way and it’s gotten me to where I am now. However, my girl posed a damn good question to me.

What if you were more compassionate with yourself, with where you are now in life and accept that you may not always keep your word especially now that you have a baby?

I immediately responded, “Having a baby is just an excuse.”

The look on her face was priceless.

However, in that moment, I realized something…

It wasn’t really what I said that struck me but more so how I said it. There was such an intense, unforgiving, hard energy.

One that did not feel like love. Yes, it’s good to be hard, but what truly works and prevails is love and compassion.

The energy of go, go, go and push, push, push and judge, judge, judge wears on the soul. But it’s always been how I do things; however, what has gotten me here may not get me there.

Meaning, how I’ve done things all my life, may not serve me now and in the future.

There is always a new and improved way of doing things and now is the time to use it.

What I know for sure, it that when we do what we love to do, trust the process, then we are in alignment with that which we want and, if we stay in that energy of love and trust, all that we want will come even faster.

When I push, judge, criticism, don’t have self love, don’t allow any wiggle room for setbacks or just life in general, then I’m not in a state of trust and love. And it’s these two energetic states that actually bring you closer to that which you want to achieve or have.

When you push and criticize so much, then you feel like you have to force shizzle to happen. And you do this ’cause you don’t trust and you’re coming from fear and not love.

I forget this at times. So thank you to my girl for reminding me that I’m already on the path, to trust and be loving to my soul.

To get back into that space of trust and love all you really have to do is…

  1. Be aware of it. Check in with how you’re feeling. Are you happy, feeling light or are you feeling anxious, heavy, stressed out?
  2. The moment you become aware of how you’re feeling, take a deep breath (or three) and relax your body. This is the reset here.
  3. Then tell yourself, “Only love is real and I trust the process. All that I desire is on it’s way to me. Then put a smile on that and let it go.

Trust the process and know that everything comes in divine time with love, trust and compassion.

So, be good to you, be in that powerful, creative state of love and trust and, know that all that you are working for and striving for will come to you.

Stay high on life and continue to make it happen with love.

And always remember to be You, be Real and be Bold.



PS. What has gotten you here but won’t get you there? What do you need to let go of in order to achieve what you’re heart desires? Share you comments below.

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