How To Allow The Universe to Support Your Dreams

I had a conversation with my girl the other night about trusting our hearts. Trusting that image, that desire, that dream, that vision that keeps visiting us.

We could be so limitless if we could just allow ourselves to trust the guidance that is always surrounding us.

If we could just let go of the anxiety, the worrying or the feeling of being stuck/paralyzed ’cause we don’t know the HOW.

You see, these visions, these ideas have CHOSEN us to be the ones to deliver them to mankind.

Whatever it is, it has chosen YOU. It will be coming through you and not from you.

In order to allow the Universe to support your dreams and ideas, all you need to do is…

  1. Make the decision. The decision that you will commit to this dream, this idea. The decision that you are all in, not half in, but all the way in until you see it manifested, accomplished.
  2. You need to let go of the control, of the fear of not knowing the HOW. This is where we get stuck which is all in our minds. A total illusion. Your fearful ego wants to already know the steps so it can be comfortable and be able to trust more. But it doesn’t work that way. (don’t you wish) Trust that you will be shown one step at a time. The universe doesn’t want to overwhelm you.
  3. You need to trust the process. Yep, just have faith that you are being guided and that you WILL arrive at your destination. Even when you don’t have a clue when it’s going to happen, you just keep on believing and staying in that creative energy. You stay in that vibe that it’s going to happen, that it’s on its way to you. You stay in this vibe no matter what ’cause you believe and are worthy of it. PERIOD.

Let me share my story…

I had this idea to write a book that wouldn’t leave me alone but, I kept saying to myself  “I’m not a writer, who am I to write a book? I’ve never written a book before and my grammar sucks.”

Even though I rejected the idea, it never gave up on me. When I finally committed, and truly decided that I was all in until it’s completion, the Universe showed me the way.

The next day after my decision, I attended a three-day weekend event. The host asked every single one of us to stand up and state our name, then to give our ask. The ask, meaning, to go ahead and tell the crowd what we need in order to move into the direction of our dreams.

So, I did.

I asked for a book coach and, within two hours, I received the business cards of three very successful book coaches.

I chose the Ink Agency and wrote the first draft of my book. However, once it was complete I thought Shoot, I need a publisher now. No lie, within a week a publisher landed on my lap.

You see, I didn’t freak myself out ’cause I didn’t know HOW I was going to make it happen. I just made the decision and the Universe came through (and quickly too). If I had waited till I had the courage or had all the steps on how it was all going to plan out, then I would not be sitting here typing this to you and….

Getting ready for my book launch. Ironing out the final details of my book, LIT.

What seemed like the impossible, what seemed so far out of my reach, what seemed as if I wasn’t good enough or ready for, became the possible, became reality.

You are enough, you were chosen, accept it, own it, trust it. This vision, this dream, is real and it truly belongs to you. The universe wants you to be the vehicle in which this dream becomes actualized.

You are a gift and you are possible. You have big shoes to fill and you’ve got what it takes to do so.

Don’t worry about the HOW, you will be shown-I promise.

Always remember to be you, to be real and to be bold.





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