How Our Pain Reveals Our Path

What I know for sure (ha, look at me, doing Oprah…okay, for real tho’)

What I know for sure, is that everything I’ve gone through in my life: the pain, the agony, getting sick, becoming heartbroken, feeling rejection, feeling sadness, hitting rock bottom (to the point where I did not want to live), all served its purpose.

I needed to get down on my knees and ask God, Spirit to bring me up, to show me the way, to tell me what I needed to do. I finally gave in and prayed for help.

I stopped trying to be in the driver seat and gave up the control and began to trust. I allowed myself to be guided.

You see there was no other way but up and, I remember the year, 2009, as if it was yesterday.

I realized why this all had to happen to me. It was needed to show me my true gifts, talents and strengths

It was necessary for me to see what I was born to do.

And, in order to do what I was born to do, I had to do one important thing first.

To look deep inside myself and find what I had been searching for my entire life.


I needed only to love me, own the real me, accept all of me and let my light shine through. Through my darkness I have found my light.

There is a way to heal, there is a way through the darkness and there is an extraordinary life waiting for you. Waiting for you to shine your light, to embrace the gift that you are, to own your worth, talents and to love you.

Our pain are blessings in disguise and our blueprint to what we came here to do.

My purpose was to show others how to come back to their roots by loving who they are at their core and connecting them to their gifts and purpose in life. To what their soul came here to do and the blueprint to do so.

However, I needed to do it for myself first, understand the process, to be able to show it to others

Embrace the darkness and ask Spirit to show you the way and, I promise you will be shown. You will see your path and the gifts in your pain.

Always remember: to be you, be real and be bold.



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