How My Birthday Wish Came True

It was my birthday and I was surrounded by all my girls at a beautiful restaurant in Manhattan Beach, CA.

The waiter placed the cake in front of me, with the candles flickering and, the words, Happy Birthday, Mabel elegantly handwritten on it.

All the girls shouted “Make a wish and, make it big”.

I closed my eyes and asked my heart what it wanted. The message came through “To travel”

I made my wish and blew out the candles.

Immediately, the girls asked me what I wished for and with no fear, with no supersititon, I openly shared my dream, my wish, my goal….

“To travel to ten countries this year”

Everyone laughed…and, I did too.

I guess part of me didn’t believe it could really happen (nor did they), but at the same time, I guess I was also happy and excited too which put me in a neutral space and, strangely I guess ’cause I didn’t attach myself to the dream, to the outcome, I sort of let it go into the ethers, into the universe and, let it morph into my reality without me worrying about it.

When we worry, when we think we have to force or make things happen with a sense of fear. It means we don’t trust, we don’t have faith, so the energy behind making things happen is one out of fear and, that creates an energetic barrier to that which you want to receive.

It actually pushes it away.

Well, fast forward, let me tell you what happened.

It’s crazy when we get out of the way and let the universe take care of the order we placed.

My birthday was in January, so by March, my girlfriend asked me to go with her to Scotland for a wedding. The tickets were so cheap due to it being winter and, she also had some crazy hookup on the hotels. So we went for dirt cheap. We ended up also visiting England, Ireland and France on the same trip..

So now that’s four countries down.

Next, another friend needed a travel buddy and invited me to Peru and Mexico.

Now that’s two more countries.

Next, I landed on some extra unexpected money and took off to India, then did a stopover in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Next, my girlfriend needed a wedding date to the Philippines, so again, the opportunity landed on my lap and off I went. We then decided to visit Korea too.

That’s countries number nine and ten.

All in one year to be exact. Crazy, huh?!

When we just let go, I’m talking about just listening to our hearts and allowing the universe to support us without worrying and getting in the way with our negative funk, with the major feeling of doubt, then shizzle just happens.

I realized that we are worthy of having it all, we are worthy of living an extraordinary life and, that it’s our belief in not feeling worthy, our doubt, our belief that it can’t happen ’cause we don’t have the means to make it happen, that doesn’t allow us to live the life we were born to live. To live a life that would light us up.

We put the barriers, we stop the dream, we create the unhappiness, we stop the magic, we make it so damn hard.

Let it go…start believing, get excited, make a wish.

I have so many other stories of the same experiences happening to me and promise to share on another blog.

Listen to your heart, trust what it wants, place your order and let go of attachment.

Always remember: be you, be real, be bold




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