Ever Feel Like Doubt Has You Paralyzed?

So, the other day, I was trying to get an old publicist who wanted to connect with me a while back to help me promote my book. I thought for sure she was going to help me ’cause honestly I have no idea HOW to do it myself.

I got an email back but it definitely was not what I expected. She denied me.

The moment she did, I felt fear, rejection and started to spiral downward.

So when we set off on our journey as creatives and entrepreneurs, following the path of our souls, we are most vulnerable.

We have to practically figure out EVERYTHING and it’s a long process. Most times, we feel so alone and as if the world is against us. Especially when we feel like people abandon or reject us.

So when I got a no from her, I felt as if my goal was way up on top of  Mt Everst and I was looking at it from the bottom of the mountain thinking, shit…”How in the hell am I going to make it happen, it looks. impossible”

I soon became paralyzed with fear, I mean truly paralyzed. I sat on the floor staring at my little 9 month old son without blinking, in a daze. I’m not sure if I was even breathing.

I had to snap out of it.

I had to.

I picked myself off the floor and started to remember that I’m never alone and fully supported. This idea to be an author did not come from me but through me from my higher self. Therefore, if it’s not coming from me but through me, then the universe has my back and I must have faith.

I mean massive faith.

When one door closes, another opens.

I’m never alone and I know for sure this was not an accident. Clearly we think we know what’s best but most times there is a better way. We are always being guided and we have to trust that.

I’m staying open and not freaking out. I’m trusting that the solution is near and it will better than I had imagined.

It’s always worked this way and I need to remember this.

So keep your faith up and trust the process. You are always supported.

Thank you for being here with me and always remember to be you, to be real and to be bold.





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