Embracing The Dark

If I had to choose one thing that truly allowed me to love me, to accept me, to be me and to honor all of me and step fully into my power, then it would have to be that…

I embraced the dark side of me

We ALL have a dark side to ourselves. We all have negative and positive traits within us and at times, the negative likes to come out and play.

This is universal.

However, we do have the power to choose which traits to display but, at times, it’s spontaneous and, that’s okay too.

We’ve all have done s*hit in the past that did not display the best side of who we really are. We’ve all done things that bring us shame and guilt. The stuff you don’t want anyone to know about you ’cause if they knew, then you would run the risk of being rejected, abandoned, shamed, which is something we avoid at all cost. The greatest cost being, we don’t allow ourselves to be who we really are and step into our creative power.

But I believe that it is us who judges, shames, rejects our own selves more than anyone else.

People can’t read our minds, they just simply reflect our energy. They, the universe, what you experience out in the world,  is just a reflection of who you are, of what you are feeling deep inside of you.

A reflection of your beliefs, thoughts and feelings about yourself.

If you reject the past, all of the stuff you’ve done that you are not proud of, the negative traits you wish you didn’t have (resentment, jealousy, selfishness, anger, entitlement, sadness, etc.), the experiences that have brought you guilt and pain, then you reject you.

You keep yourself in the dark, you diminish your light, your power.

You keep from loving who you are, you don’t allow yourself to see that you are worthy of it all, you don’t see your natural strengths and talents, you don’t see the special gift that you are to this world.

You cut yourself off from what the universe, Spirit, God wants to bestow upon you.

The truth is ….

You are powerful.

You were born to create.

You were born to live an amazing, abundant, joyful life.

You were born to share your gifts.

You were born to shine.

Let go to of the judgments, let go of the shame, let go of trying to be perfect, let go of trying to make others see you as someone who has it all together, let of of trying to prove yourself to others, let go of the pressure of thinking you need to hide the real you cuz you don’t think it’s good enough, let go of thinking you need to be somebody besides yourself.

Stop the madness.

Accept the dark side, accept all of it and come back home. Come back to seeing the truth of who you are. Come back to knowing that you are nothing but pure love, a child of God, perfect already as you are, a gifted soul worthy of it all.

Accept all of who you are and you’ll find your true power, your true gifts, your bliss, your light.

Embrace the dark side.

Remember: Be You, Be Real, Be Bold.



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