Do You Have the “Bag Lady Syndrome”?

Hey Luvs,

I want to drop a truth bomb on ya… You create your life. Yep, the good, the bad, the beautiful and the damn right ugly.

Life happens because of us, for us and not to us. Everything that you experience in life is a direct result from your thinking and emotional, mental state of being.

I used to be that girl that victimized herself. I felt so wronged and felt I deserved to hold on to this feeling, this story. It was from the drama of a past relationship and I swear I held on so tight, to all the baggage that I made myself sick. Let me tell you something, holding on for so long dragged me down in to a deep, dark place.  I was just like Erykah Badu said in her song “Bag Lady, you gonna hurt yourself, dragging all them bags like that”.

So the question is…HOW does this serve you? How does this baggage hurt you? Watch below.


In this video I’ll tell you why you need to drop the baggage and how to do it so you CAN move forward with the life you truly want.

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Always remember: Be You, Be Real and Be Bold

Much love,


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