Are You In Or Are You Out?

I was recently triggered the other day…I belong to a spiritual group of women. We meet once a week over the phone to support each other’s growth in all aspects of our lives.

But, lately, there has been less effort, less energy, less enthusiasm from every single women in the group, especially our leader.

The main leader has been feeling depressed and, to be honest here, when you are holding space for a group and you’re energetically not in a good space, not into it, then the whole group will be effected.

We are all energy. Your energy will affect others.

I had to ask myself, “Why isn’t the group thriving? Why is our leader not feeling the group?

When I asked her, she said “I’ve been doing this for almost two years and nothing is happening, I don’t think the others girls are giving their all, nor do I see them interested. I’m tired of not seeing any progress and just not feeling it anymore”

Aha! so this is what’s going on here…

The real truth….SHE’S NOT COMMITTED. And to be even MORE real, neither was I nor anyone in the group.

So this is what I’ve learned about the whole situation…

You just can’t, I mean can’t think that you’re committed and giving it your all if you’ve never made your goal.


You KNOW when you have fully committed when you MAKE IT. ‘Cause to fully commit means you”ll never quit til you see it all the way through.

You KNOW you have fully committed when you’ve hit your goal, when you’ve made your dream.

To be fully committed, means you don’t ever, ever stop until you get there.

It means you will continue till you’re fingers bleed

Til you can’t see anymore

Til you can’t walk anymore

Til your body gives out on you

Til you see your dream

Til you make it

Other than that, don’t try to BS yourself into believing that you GAVE IT YOUR ALL, that you truly committed.


I’ll tell you what you really did,…YOU QUIT

You quit ’cause you didn’t see results fast enough

You quit ’cause you didn’t think people liked what you were doing

You quit ’cause you didn’t like how slow s*hit was taking to see results

You quit ’cause you couldn’t take a beating

You quit ’cause you didn’t like the rejection

You quit ’cause you didn’t like the hard work

You quit¬†’cause your ego couldn’t handle failing

You quit ’cause it wasn’t easy enough for you

You quit ’cause you didn’t BELIEVE you COULD make it happen

You quit ’cause you NEVER TRULY EFFING COMMITTED in the first place.

You will never, ever make your dreams come true with one foot in while having the other foot out.

You’re either in all the way to the end or you’re OUT.

Stop effing around.

You can’t mess with the energy. You’re energy is reading ‘I’M NOT FULLY IN’

Then you cry ’cause you don’t see s*it working out.

Hello, wake up..stop crying about how s*it ain’t working for you and get real with yourself.

Get super real in your mind, your heart, in every single cell of your body.

Ask yourself this question….am I full committed? Be real here ’cause you’re not fooling anyone but yourself.

Energy doesn’t lie. If you’re not seeing the results and wanting to quit, then you’re out, baby.

Can’t disguise the energy. What you believe becomes what you think, what you think becomes what you feel, what you feel is what you emanate into the world.

You’re only going to get back what you gave out.

So, here’s your chance.. Are you IN or are you OUT




You’ve got this.

Believe in YOU

And remember, be you, be real and be bold.





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