Meet Mabel


Hey Luvs!

I’m Mabel Rodriguez, and what I know for sure…is that you are a born CREATOR. I wholeheartedly believe with every single cell in my body that you ALREADY are a powerful woman fully capable of having what you truly want in life.

AND if ya don’t’ like whatcha got going on right now, then know this absolute truth I’m about to drop on ya….

You CAN change it, rewrite it, doing it all over the way you want it.

S%&# can happen that fast. And YES, you have the power to do it. But first let me get super real with you.

If you really, and I mean truly want to change your life and have all that you want: More confidence, amazing relationships, kids, be content with your physical self, in love with yourself, be happy doing what you love, finding your purpose and whatever else you heart desires then….

You have to be YOU. I mean the REAL you. Then one you masked and hid so many years ago cause you thought she wasn’t good enough.

AND, you also have to take full accountability and responsibility for what you have created. Understand this massive truth bomb I’m gonna drop on you again…


Life does not happen to you, you happen to it. You create it. You make it. You have created the life you have now with your choices whether you were aware of it or not. So if ya don’t like whatcha got. Then I’ll show you how to turn it all around.

So, let me get even more real with ya..

You’re gonna have to DO THE WORK…meaning

You’re gonna have to stop being a victim.

You’re gonna have to stop blaming others.

You’re gonna have to drop your BS story that’s holding you back.

AND, if you don’t know what your BS story is…well, then leave that to me cause I’ll find that S$%^ real quick and dismantle it.

Your gonna have to see your part in what you’re experiencing.

Trust me. I get it.

I lived many dramatic heartbreaking relationships, always compared myself to other women, relied so heavily on my outside appearance and tried to do whatever it took to fit in. I didn’t love the woman I was inside or outside and, partied crazy to numb my pain. My emotions were so twisted I actually created illness in my body: 30 lbs. weight gain, the inability to walk without pain, insomnia, hair loss, hormonal deficiencies, bowl issues and depression.

I was a total shit show.

I would wake up feeling and thinking “This can’t be my life. It’s got to get better”.  I felt everyday was the same crappy day. I feared I’d never make it, not become the woman I wanted to be, not make something of myself, not know my purpose in life, not find the “right one”, not be a wife, not be a mother, die alone and never feel happy, or fulfilled.

I felt powerless and hoped I get lucky enough for things to change on their own. NEVER once thinking I could do it on my own.

Ha…was I wrong and, Guess what?!!

I figured it out. The “HOW” to change it all around and get what I truly wanted. 

And, that’s what I want for you.  I want to help you get the same feeling I now have. That feeling of knowing and owning my gifts, feeling happy and grateful, knowing who I am at my core and loving all of it, shining my light, feeling confident about myself,  owning my worth, being in love with my husband (yep, found the one and had a beautiful son) and, knowing what my soul wants to express in this lifetime.

I now know HOW to Create what I want and, am in love with my whole self than ever before. And, it feels damn good. You have to seriously love YOU, all of you to know who you are and what you came here to do.

Loving YOU is a must and the foundation to becoming the woman you were born to be.  

You have the power to change your life now, to get what you want and, it doesn’t have to take forever. So, get on it girl, the time is NOW, not tomorrow, but NOW.

Always remember: Be You, Be Real and Be Bold.

Much love,



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