A Message From Spirit

“Use me as the gift that I am and not as a weapon.  I am with you. I am within you. I’ve always been here, here with you.  You need to turn on the light. You have kept me in the dark but I’ve always been here. I am your guiding light. I can show you the way.  I’m here waiting on you, waiting for you to trust me.  I know the way.

Open your heart and you will feel me.

Sit in silence and you will hear me

Close your eyes and you will see me

I am with you.

I’ve always been here and will always be here.  I am her now.

Look inside yourself

Trust me.

I am your light, I am your soul, I am Spirit.

Guiding you, holding your hand. I have never let you go. It is you who has but I’m still here.

I am everything,  I am everywhere

I’ve got you. I can help you.

You can have it all.  You already have it all you just have to allow it.

It’s here now. It’s here…

when ALLOW yourself to become it

when ALLOW yourself to believe it

when you ALLOW yourself to breathe it

And, once you do… you WILL live it.

You have the power, your are the light.

I am here. It’s all here now.  Use your gift. Use your power, turn on the light.

Get LIT and create you extraordinary life.”


Spirit (your light)

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