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The #1 Truth To Living A Fulfilled Life

There is a profound truth that changes many peoples’ lives once it’s discovered. The truth is… We were all born on purpose and with purpose. Each and every one of us was given a gift at birth containing our one-of-a-kind package uniquely designed for us. This package contained all our gifts, passion, talents and strengths and, once discovered, would help us achieve our greatness. You might have heard of this before, but I feel as though I have to say it over and over again.  I still see many people living unfilled lives. It shows in the way they talk, walk and it is in their eyes. Their
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Why Failure Has To Happen and Three Strategies To Overcome Your Fear Of It

  I’ve read many spiritual books in the past encouraging people to go after what their heart and soul desired and, that the universe will support them if they did. They made it seem as though the path would be effortless. Well, yes and no; let me explain. I do believe we all have a purpose and should get out there and live it. However, what they don’t talk about in these books is that the road will have potholes, cracks and missing guide lines: It’s going to be hard at times, really hard. But that shouldn’t be the reason
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